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anthracite or black 15" oz f1's on my artic 182?

  Audi A5
As above got some oz f1's to go on soon and need to get them sprayed but can't decide what colour...Had a search but couldn't find what I was looking for, has anyone got any pictures of a 182 in Artic blue on black or anthracite oz f1's?Also can't decide weather to have a Matt finish or gloss?Opinions welcome.


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
Ford mercury grey :) I know its iceberg but the colour is awesome! Slightly blue.

  Audi A5
Sorry chaps I've already let the spray man take them now and he's doing them black lol.

I know its been done to death but what hasn't? I think arctic 182's wears black wheels quite well so shouldn't look to bad..

I've done the bright colour thing on my old 182 and just want to keep it subtle.


  Yozza'd Blue Bus
i think im going for a bright colour for my F1s, honda racing red or maybe a metalic orange :) i have the 182 cup wheels to change it back to sensible mode lol
  Audi A5
I will have a set of black 182 spare once the oz f1's are on but I can't help myself, I see that as £250 sitting their so pit then up for sale.