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anyone describe their ’loose baffle’ sound 172

Mine just started.. on left turns mainly.. a high pitched resonance sound - sort of metalic buzzin ??.

Exhaust note has increased, sounds like induction, but isnt.... not unpleasant, but not overly good long term lol..

sounds as if something in the exhaust has given up ??.. have you had the same ??.. reno results etc ??




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  E90 LCI 330d

I know what it sounds like from my mates mk1...

Are you gonna be about tonight mate?!

I have been ringing and I came round last night too but nobody was home.

Or have you given me that AP22 as a gift?!

lol m8..

leave it tonight.. but I will sort it at weekend.... again !!

and nope, its not a gift hee hee..

Ill give a ring before weekend.


Mine has just started with a metallic buzzing at about 2500rpm. It always buzzed at about 3800rpm. Havent asked Renault about it cause car is 18months old so assume will get no joy. Am thinking about a discreet cat back system now.

Towser.... dood..

forst rule of consumerism...

get the zorst changed FIRST...


fit the cat back.. you will have a new zorst section m8 !!!.. sell it.. or save it for a rainy day .. hee hee

  CTR EK9 turbo

Warranty item capn. Mine did exactly the same and its going again, great. Nice car but strange build qual.

Any news with the blower?

Same here. Mine started at about 9,500 miles 2 weeks ago. Buzzes at about 4000 rpm. Sounds like an exhaust rattle just under the drivers seat. Dealer will check it over at the service next month
  R5 Gordini Turbo

Yup, mine too and also it appears to be loose as it bangs on left turns as well as vibrates just as you describe Capn

Squirt has just been booked in for his. He needs whole new exhaust as the particles have contaminated the lot from the catalyst. Warranty are fine about it. He has done 8000miles. Noise just got worse & worse especially high revving in 1st & 2nd. Sounded like the micron on my old RS100 !!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have always had a vibration sound coming from around what sounds like the glove box / floor pan area at 4k could this be the baffles as well ?

lmao !.. seems the reno exhausts are gonna be in short supply just from the cliosport members.. hee hee..

and..... I am having a new gearbox fitted soon.. its started snicking into 3rd from 4th.. ie - 4-3 synchro..

all good fun. !!

This is hilarious- my 172 has only done 4000 miles and ever since i had run it in i always get a strange metallic buzzing sound at the exact same left hand bend on my way back from my girlfriends house- and funnily enough only seems to do it after i have been hammering it back from hers!!
As i only ever noticed it on this one corner i havent ever thought about getting it looked at- but it seems to come from behind front left wheel/glovebox area.
My car also ticks ridiculously after i turn the ignition off when parked- i assume this is the exhaust/manifold cooling down-does everyone elses 172s do this??

I had the same metalic sound at 4,000rpm, my local garage found that I had a blown cat. This part is in short supply and there are another 3 172 mk2 already waiting for this part at the garage. I think renault may have to do a recall soon.

Hmm. I sometimes get a metallic scrapey kind of noise when I turning left or right (roundabouts/junctions) mainly. Sounds like its coming from beneath the gearbox, front seats area.. Is the same thing that you lot are getting?