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Athlon 64 V'S dual Core

whats the diff? ive got a 4000+ San diago 64 - a mate has just got the 4400+ Dual Core - are they actually any faster?
  Revels Mum & Sister
Depends if the software is written to use the 2 cores I believe. Not a lot is at the moment I think.

Intel Dual core is where its at ;)
  Revels Mum & Sister
I was a AMD person

But lets face it the Intels now PWN the AMD's hard ;)

Its ok one day AMD might be back on top but for now its Intel. I had to go to the Darkside!
awwwwww - think ill be AMD and Nvidia all the way tbh - i dont think its a matter of loyalty - more a matter of 'sticking with what you know' lol
  Revels Mum & Sister
I was the same but when you see the Intel chips pwning the AMD chips hands down its hard to ignore this when planning a new build!
  RB 182
I agree, I'm usually a AMD person but Intel have the market when it comes to performance at the moment.
  Fiat Panda 100hp
AMD have to bring a chip out to rival the best core duo, and when it comes out it will eat the core duo for breaky the s**t it back out again.

And now that AMD have brought ATI the chips of the future will be designed for gaming ....cant wait :D
  Revels Mum & Sister
LOL Chips designed for gaming dont be silly. That would be suicide a chip specifically designed for gaming only. Wont happen. Certain chips are better for games, But you wont see one just for gaming, in that it takes a massive performance hit elsewhere.

AMD wont be producing a chip to rape the Core Duo at least well into 2007 they have only just released there dual core chips.
  White Sti Hatch
Depends really what you want to use it for although most games nowadays are designde to use Dual Cores to the fullest...Dual cores are alot better at Multi Tasking ie since there two cores the tasks can all be split making the load on each core lighter where as with a single core everythings on one core meaning that your PC will strugle to run multiple programes at once...Hope that helped you
  Monaro VXR
AMD are already in development of there next CPU. Intels new CPU is only the same as when AMD released the A64 in the first place intel was still using the P4 architecture for its dual cores for a while only recently the Core 2 Duo's have come on the market i've had my AMD dual core for nearly a year now.

And to answer the original question.

In single threaded apps yours will be faster however when running more than 1 program at once say when your sat playing a fairly intensive game such as doom3 etc if your virus scanner pops up on yours the game will be unplayable o the dualcore it will make next to no noticeable difference.

If the game is designed to make full use of the dual core he effectively has a 4.4ghz cpu so yes it will be quicker up to around 90% faster on things designed specifically for it. Otherwise no yours will be quicker.

But after having dualcore for a year now i could not go back to a single core.
  Revels Mum & Sister
Development. Which means at least a year till something pops up. I am under no illusion that it can swing either way but like I said AT THE MOMENT the Intels are top draw.

If that changes I will swap back.


  911 GTS Cab
dual core is old news, AMD are bringing out Revision F ina couple of months to combat INtel on the server market and both are pretty much even now, AMD had the lead when Intel was dragging its feet but now they have caught up.

Next year everything will be quad core!
  Fabia vRS
i run a dual core intel 805d which is originally 2.66ghz. finally today i got my arse in gear and bought an stupidly large zalman 9500 heatsink, and now happily run my 805d at 3.8ghz.

according to tomshardware benchmarks, the 805d which costs around £85, clocked at 3.8ghz owns even the pentium 4 extreme editions and athlon fx57, both of which are silly money.
  Revels Mum & Sister
I have a E6600 Dual Core. Stock they are 2.4ghz. Mine is running at 3.2ghz stable. Went higher but isnt really needed. On air as well! VEry impressed so far
There's no doubting the Intels pwnage. Rasclart and I compared CPU scores in 3DMark'06 recently and his Intel was a fair bit higher scoring than my X2 AM2.
  Revels Mum & Sister
Yeah but this thread is about CPU's homo.

And mine straight up slapped your weak ass AMD upside the head