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Audio whores please help!

  Clio 172 mk2
Trying to get a half decent sound system for the Clio 172, thinking about the Pioneer deh-5200sd with optional hard wire remote adaptor, Hertz dieci Dsk 130's and some dynamat, any opinions? Problems I'll have?
i have the deici 130's very nice speaker but can seem a little harsh sounding at times . Only problems you'll have are;
1 getting the renault unit out unless you have the right keys, but these can be bought from halfords
2 getting the new pioneer to click into the single din slot due to the clio wiring loom behind the stereo ( i used a small length of string fed through the holes on either side to gently move the wires which slotting the unit in)
3 removing the dash to fit the tweeters properly, unless you attach them to A pillars. Theres a guide to remove the dash if you search.
4 Getting fresh wire to the mids is a bit of a nightmare need to remove several things ( bonnet catch, plastic cover, doorcard and door loom adapter and be handy with a drill and silicone sealant)
5 Dynamats the easiest thing on the list tbh pretty easy heatgun and some patience.
6 if you re amping the diecis getting cable through the firewalls quite tricky but very doable, they run a low RMS though so i dont know if its worth the hassle as the pioneer probably has quite as good output suited near enough to the Hertz
Hope this helps mate good luck
  Clio 172 mk2
Cheers, not going to worry with amping fronts as I never have dine before, I see people on here rate the Focal so I was also wondering about the Focal Access 130 A1, would these be better than the mentioned hertz?
Not had much experience with the focals tbh. Depends what your after price ect... if low budget go for the spl dynamics or JBL 507c two very good componant sets that will be far better than standard. If your on a decent budget look into the focals or some Rainbow componants. Focus on RMS wattage and not peak power as the RMS is where the sound quality is. Amping these will make all the difference though which is something to bare in mind. If your spending 150- 200 quid on speakers you may aswell go the whole way and amp them up mate.
If you arent amping anything in that price range is pointless, might aswell stick with something like the Alpine SXE 1750S