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Badly installed Nos

  172 Cup

Nitrous Oxide systems can give racers that "extra edge" that may put them in the winners circle. Our own Jack T recorded the fastest 1/4 mile time EVER for a Stealth or 3000GT using a Nitrous system. Handled and installed correctly, they are reasonably safe, but this is one system that we should avoid of, IMO...

This example was a badly-installed Nitrous Express kit (not to be confused with the NoS brand). They wired up the heater directly to 12v (not on a temp switch) and left it on. Then they had TWO pressure release vents on - instead of one - which doubled the emergency release pressure. The car owner claims a malfuntioning safety valve/disc/cap. (?) And below you can see the results.

Fortunately the car was garaged, so no one was hurt. This wasnt a 3S car (it was a modded 91 Nissan Maxima owned by Doyle Schoenberger of Ohio). But these photos bear looking at, just so you know what youre dealing with when you consider adding a shot of Nitrous. This was a professional installation on a spotlessly clean engine, with the bottle kept safely (?) in the trunk!

Local Hero around my area got a N20 kit installed on his GSi corsa. It was reading just below 200bhp, lasted a week before 3 of the piston rings melted, Bent a few bits, a piston shot out the head and the engine caught fire. Luckly he managed to put it out. Foolish Boy.
  BMW 320d Sport

LOL just goes to show you that some people are brain donors who shouldnt even have a car let along fit nitrous. Contrary to what some people reckon, using nitrous oxide on a road car is not a walk in the park and easy power or cheating. Its not that hard to install and run it correctly, but neither is it as harmless and simple as you might expect.

If you put a cylinder of compressed liquid nitrous oxide in the boot of your car and then heat it constantly, its going to explode eventually. Im surprised it didnt destroy the rest of the garage as well!