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bargain on winter wheels? 4 x dynamique alloys

  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
taking the old anthracite turinis off to prevent them getting wasted, so as an interim replacement iv just got 4 x dynamique alloys + tyres for £80.99

seems like a bargain, just wondered what other peeps have been paying for these?

Tread is about 3mm all round - so not spectacular, but will serve there purpose
  Octavia VRS
I got 4 Dynamique wheels and tyres with good tread for £150 about 14 months ago. You got yourself a good deal
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
^^ i saved £19.01 on your price - get it up ye :rasp:

one of them needs a wee refurb as its a bit scuffed, but quite happy wi them for winter guff
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid


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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
with all that track action


i doubt it!! ha ha

im thinking that after winter i might refurb them a silly colour - you know it makes sense!!


  Abarth 500
Yeah small world, what you driving? Might have seen you around town?

£80.99 thought it was £

Got some 16" Oz Super T's on at the mo. Was considering using the standard alloys for the winter but going to get the Oz's refurbed in the Summer anyway so just decided to leave them on.
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
it is £80, i dont know what the .99 is about. something from the pound saver menu in macdonalds??

53 plate f/f 172. turinis, eibachs, cat back stealth.


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