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BG 182


ClioSport Club Member
Louis aren't you on Cooksports? Im running a standard cat with cooksports and it hasn't caught on anything yet... Do they sit closer to the ground with the 15" wheels on?
I'm on b14s and have been for years! Sits slightly lower with 15s too but @leeds2592 also scraped on 16s. The driveway just slopes down before your front wheels are fully on the path


ClioSport Club Member
Drove to morrisons this morning, drivers door wouldnt lock. Been intermittent for 3 weeks now and finally given up altogether so I have to drive home and take the door card off.

Checked I was getting a voltage when locking which i was, but only intermittently.
Simply unplugged the connector, cleaned up the spades with a wire brush and it's good as new locking everytime!


ClioSport Club Member
Having used the passenger door all week to get in and out of the car I got round to fixing this for the 2nd (and hopefully last) time.

Removed the door card again and pulled out the solenoid. Frustratingly the tiny clip holding the metal arm to the outside door handle just snapped off. Managed to find the fragments and 3d printed a little replacement clip from PETG. It struggled with quality because of the size however was dimensional accurate.
Painted this in superglue and used baking powder to give it additional strength.


Now the actual problem on removing the solenoid was clear... corroded spades terminals. Cleaning them on the connector side was obviously not sufficient so I got the needle files out and removed the rust.


Pushed my little clip into place and it secured perfectly into the handle. I might see if you can buy a replacement clip from Renault as a spare but this isnt under any strain so should he fine!


Importantly the car now locks and unlocks perfectly 👍


ClioSport Club Member
Started on removing the casting marks from my brembos this evening. Managed to get one pretty much there, just need to do a tiny bit more prep on the side. It takes alot longer than first anticipated with a dremel as I dont want to go too far and damage the integrity of the caliper.

Much prefer the 'clean' look though and should leave a lovely finish when fully painted. Side by side comparison below:



ClioSport Club Member
After discovering the above issue, the clio was off the road for the week whilst waiting for parts to arrive.
In the meantime I cleaned up the carriers to bare metal and painted them anthracite.


Genuine rear discs and brembo pads arrived from @Kev@KAM. Went for brembo rears this time over the PBS as I've read there wont be too much difference and I will be changing front when going to brembo anyway.


Old discs removed and stub axle/spacers cleaned and refitted in the correct orientation.


The hub itself is pretty rusty but its solid, might clean it up at some point but definitely not priority!

Discs on, hubnuts torqued to 175Nm and pads refitted with a little copper grease.


Much better to look at than the flaking red that was previously on there! However, this wasnt the end of the story as I noticed brake fluid dripping onto my nearside wheel. Fluid was leaking past the piston 😭 I've since removed the caliper, removed the piston and seal and cleaned the whole lot with copious amounts of brake cleaner. Seal got a deep clean and some red rubber grease then it was reassembled.
I have ordered a caliper rebuild kit from ebay, which may or may not arrive tomorrow. I'm hoping my cleaning of seals has solved the issue! I'll check tomorrow if anything has dripped out.


ClioSport Club Member
Still looked leak free this morning but a used caliper I bought arrived and it was in much better condition. So being a pussy I decided to swap it as I dont want my brakes failing. Sliders lubed up, pistons removed cleaned and relubed then fitted.

Peace of mind etc.


ClioSport Club Member
Bled the caliper up and seems OK. I'll know if theres any air in the calipers when I go for a drive. Did the osr caliper too, the bleed nipple was all gummed up so rectified that!
Next was cleaning up the rear arches. I've put this job off as it's just a messy one!

Scrubbed up with some screwfix heavy duty degreaser and a stiff brush, came up alright.


It could probably do with some rust wire brushing and painting but loads better than it was.
Something not so great was the fuel filler flap! I have some corrosion externally so was half expecting this but just worse when you see the reality. It all seems solid enough but definitely needs sorting! Might be worth trying to make up some sort of guard to protect this area?

Its clean atleast so can tackle the rust at a later date. One easy job of discs and pads turned into something much bigger as is always the way!! 😂