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Big effort, big money - still a 1.4 though!

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yet another victim of the make your car unique and euro and then realise its actually not going to be worth what you pumped into it!


Jonny Harris said:
Im selling my peugeot 106 quiksilver due to wanting a new project and saving for a house the car has been my pride and joy for the past four years and has alot of time and money spent on it with no expense spared, its a 1.4 engine so is good on fuel and cheap insurance also the the engine and bay is totally standard just painted black so would be ideal for a new owner to carry on the car with.

The car is currently sorn with no tax but could sort this for a serious buyer.

Will take 4500 without the wheels and re-fit old ones (kei racing force 10's)

Brakes: 106 Gti front brake upgrade

Wheels: HTN 2000s 14x8s all round Limited edition split rims, 185/50/14 continental tyres

Suspension: FK Coilovers and rear torsion bar lowered to match

Exterior: Smooth boot, rear wiper removed, rear washer jet removed, both doors de-locked, colour coded door handles, de-Arieled, de-badged bonnet, washer jets moved to scuttle panel, front bumper badge recess filled, rallye fog inserts, rear towing eye removed, smoothed front and rear bump strips painted in gloss black, full re-spray in BMW pepper white and black roof, rear pressed plate.

Interior: Peugeot 307 dashboard conversion trimmed in alcantara with Dakota digital dials, cobra misanos bucket seats leather/ black alcantara and painted carbon backs, rear bench trimmed to match front seats, trimmed show cage, 150 l.e.ds in headlining, custom 307 front door cards, 320mm momo millenium evo steering wheel, headunit remote flushed into drivers arm rest

I.C.E: Pioneer DEH-P88RS headunit, Eton A100 component speakers, 1x eton 4 channel amp, 1x eton 2 channel amp, 2x eton 10'' sub, Optima red top battery, Optima yellow top battery (located under boot floor visible through back bumper), spilt charge system, Audiocontrol eq, audiocontrol eq remote, audison connection distribution block, chord company wiring, skinz sound proofing, custom boot build.
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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
tis nicely done, but how much has been flung into that car and for what? seems a bit silly to me.

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surely it cant be worth any where near what hes asking. You could pick up a minter gti 4 that
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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
would be better splitting imo and going to standard as quiksilvers are quite popular with younger drivers.


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Wouldn't it have been more worth his while to uprate the engine before he sells.

Maybe he's aiming it at the young market who can't get insured on gti's ect...
i think he has done ok tbh ok its a 1.4 but we cant all afford mega insurance

and he probably started off with, just a set of alloys, then coilovers ect. im sure we have all done it said yeah i will keep it standard lol long live the modifying bug

never going to get 4k for it though


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  Too many.
It looks alright to be fair! I'd drive it. Tbh, you can do what you like with your money. If its making something unique then do it!

No haterz :cool:
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FAIL Front needs to be 20mm lower!

But very nice motor, great sublte clean boot built, good interior and just looks spot in.
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Seen this car in the flesh, it was at the audio place i took mine too, Plush automotive in Broughton Astley leicester, the work on that car will be top notch.

I like it but as you say its a little dear to say the least.