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Brands Hatch From Stafford

hey all,

sorry its in the wrong place but I cant get any sense anywhere else.

1) is anyone coming down from the midlands (Stafford/Birmingham area)

2) are people driving down or staying down?

3) How long will it take to get down there?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

1) Driving down from Telford

2) Staying down on Saturday night (Maidstone / Leybourne Travel Inn)

3) about 3 hours if the M25 isnt too bad.

- if youre staying over on Saturday night some of us are meeting up for beers & dinner!

Hi javascript openWin pop_up_profile.asp?profile=3838&ForumID=2 , profile , toolbar=0,location=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=1,width=440,height=370 ">y0z2a, I travel up from Essex to Stone on a regular basis. If you take M6, M1, M25 (to A127 turn off about 5 minutes before dartford tunnel) with no breaks then id say 3 hours give or take 15 minutes on a good run.

Brands hatch would be between 30 - 45 minutes from that junction - its been a while since it did it.

So somewhere between 3 and 4 hours.

yes, I live in stone, or near enough.

I know how to get there, I just wondered if i had any company on the long haul down there. :)

Simon, you dont happen to go to Yarnfield do you to Epeopleserve or BT?


If you were Traffic Police and putting your foot down then you could do it in 3 on a good run - maybe less.

No dont do any business there - purely pleasure.

How does the 172 compare against the dTi?

Andrew - you could meet people at J16 of the M1 and/or me and Kathy at J13. Not quite sure what time at the mo. Keep an eye on the thread in meetings and events.