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Brands Hatch room-share for Sat night

Ive booked a room at the Dartford Travel Lodge for £37 but will only stay there if someone will share with me. Theres a double bed which I get shotgun on, a pull out bed and a sofa.. so up to three can share the room.

Any takers? If we get three of us thats only £12 each! Musnt grumble!

PM me or leave a message if interested.

Ill even give you a discount Jilly.. as long as you promise not to tell the Mrs! ;)

Also if you bring along a ladyfriend to share, the price drops dramatically. Just a thought.
  7.6cc :D

Sorry Roamer ;)

Matt-im bringing 2 girls with me im afraid, i honestly dont think you would be able to cope!!!:devilish:

3 of you? No problem. Tell you what, Ill let you all stay free if I can use my camcorder. Never let it be said Im not a generous bloke. :D
  7.6cc :D

Cheers Matt, id think wed better stick to our own room though! you were making us sleep on the floor! :cry:

Matt, join our room ? We have already got a reputation now mate so one more bloke wont hurt ! LOL !

Seriously tho, if you wanna crash in our room, I am sure you have slept in worse places that that and it will cost nowt then ! Fred obviously does not mind and I will second that so let us know mate !

Just thought, if you have a room for 3 people why dont Fred and I crash in your place, that hotel is also cheaper than the one we are in and would only cost £12.30 each if we stayed there ? Another idea perhaps ???????

I am up for that if it is ok with everyone else.

Hey.. its a great offer Dai.. if youre sure you and Fred dont mind?

Ill go whichever way you want (ahem) - either kip down at yours or you cancel and come to mine. Either way well split it equally, so itll work out cheap whichever way we go.

Like I say.. only if neither of you mind.

FRED ! Get in here mate and lets sort this ? We will all be going for a meal anyway at the same place so it makes no difference where we stay and it should be easier if we stay with Matt at his crib ? Cheaper for all of us then ? We need to decide soon !

Also, if we do that then Mike should be able to have the room that we are not going to need then so that Val and he can stay there ?

Your call Fred, whatever way Matt you can share with us fella ! I am fine with it, in fact I think its a winner !

Right........... Matt, Fred and I will be staying at the place that Matt has initially booked, is this correct ? If this is correct then Val and Mike can have the room that Fred and I were going to use ?

How can we sort all this out ? Is it easy enough to change the names on our room to Val and Mike ? Roamer, do you know what the procedure is ?

I would try and sort it but I am in Bournemouth at the moment and I am only doing this now on the sly so I have no time to do it.

Can we try and sort this out ASAP, is it going to be a hassle to do ?

So Matt, we will be crashing at your crib mate ! Mike, maybe you can liase with Roamer about the room at the place that he booked for Fred and I ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

All sorted. Matt, Fred, Ive spoken to Dai & Ill come and pick you all up from Dartford once youve arrived so we can have BEERS!

well, it will be interesting to get the low-down on Sunday about who slept with who on Saturday night, and where - and how many turned up to try and get in the wrong room, and also, and more importantly - who snores????? ;)