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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2

Guilty at the moment but I've just been on shipment trying to get some cammos done.

Currently on the M16 which is f**king AIDS.

Yeah it got buffed too I did it before annoyingly it was s**t although probably not as bad as some of the camo challenges.

Oh on that note last night got this done 🙈

Poly done.png

Completed it m8.png

As you can see there's 4 camos not done which are from launchers. Going to have to do them to satisfy my OCD but shouldn't be too bad on shipment tbh and launchers can be kind of fun. Then to debate doing weapon mastery to get all the emblems and stickers but not sure I want to torture myself quite that much.
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Bertie Smalls

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  A4 S Line & Impreza
Haven’t really tried sniping too much on this. Had a bash of a fully ‘built’ SA-B50 earlier. What an animal of a rifle lol

Haven’t really tried sniping too much on this. Had a bash of a fully ‘built’ SA-B50 earlier. What an animal of a rifle lol

Yep that and the Lockwood are both my favourites out of the Marksman rifles. Try the Lockwood if you haven't already. Feels a bit faster ads and fire rate but with less 1 shot range.
2. Kyle
3. Cub.
4. Ant1
5. N0ddie (Provided not working Saturday)
6. Clart
7. Adamm.

Should be on hopefully but might be a bit later this Friday.


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  Punto HGT Abarth
Tonight's games ended in hectic fashion 😂

That was a late sesh! 😅

A couple more death comms. :love:

Not sure how far I'll take this but after doing Orion I ran out of things to do in this game so started doing the weapon mastery. That's 100 kills gold 200 platinum 300 polyatomic and the 400 orion. That's currently 55000 kills for all guns in game or 51000 if you just do the launch guns.

Somehow I think that will keep me going for some time. So unless Warzone improves to a point I want to play or Forza Motorsport later in the year pulls me away from this game I'll be doing that slowly. It does force me to use a mix of guns which is probably a good thing for longevity too. I'll be getting all those nonce tags.. 😂

On another note there's a gun that can take down the VTOL in 2 seconds so I'm sticking that on a class for killstreaks..