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CCNP Switch Labs

  Not a 320d

Currently going through CCNP route which im using GNS to do the configs for.

Next up is switch. Im pretty sure packet tracer doesnt do CCNP (Am I wrong?) so Ill need some hardware. trouble is im not at uni anymore so dont have access to the labs - the 3750's we were using cost a bomb. Is there anything cheaper I could use?

Will a 3500 be OK ?


ClioSport Club Member
  Jim's rejects
I'm not on the switch exam but I'd be surprised if you need switches that are layer 3 capable. That's what the route exam would be for, I hope.
Some old catalysts should do it.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 325i
No the route course is about routing protocols, switching will probably be layer 3 switching.
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Yep, CCNP switching does include layer 3. I particularly enjoyed reading how QoS works and is configured (without using autoqos) ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Jim's rejects
I stand corrected. the switches I've bought are now expensive door stops then.