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Cheap engine oil Shell Ultra 5W40


ClioSport Moderator
Bought 2 x 5L for £35.98 for my daily 182. Happy days.
Cheers for the heads up!

And this is decent stuff?

Just thinking out loud here - I bet using this and changing the oil say twice over 12k miles is better than buying some premium oil at twice the price but not changing over the 12k?

Just thinking I might get a bit just to hold for future servicing...


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk2 Clio cup racer
I get Elf fully synthetic 5w40 in 20l drums from my Renault dealer for £35, you would be surprised how cheap you can get half decent oil for when it doesn't come in fancy packaging..
  mk1 Octavia VRS
Bargain - I've used this a couple of times in my Clio and also the 5W-30 a few times in my Skoda.
Looks like I'll order 10 litres or so to keep for the future services, always nice to have it ready so I'm more likely to actually do it!

I do about 12k miles a year, so if I change it 6k it only cost me £40 a year, and let's be honest it's a poor pity if I can't be bothered to pay £40 a year to help keep the little thing in better shape