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Clio 16v Turbo 0-60 5.7 sec run

  BMW 320d Sport

I was just trawling through my video folder on the computer and dug this out... a video of one of my 0-60 runs at Donny South 2004 (North Weald airfield). It was an average run at 5.7 seconds, so not the quickest pass I did (which was 5.57) but not too shabby considering its front wheel drive, on 17s with no traction control or launch control.

Aiming for high 4s this year at French Car Show, where they will have the same timing gear.

Anyway, heres the link, some of you might be interested...and many thanks to the person who shot it and let me have it (sorry I cant remember whose it was, but cheers!) sprint.avi"> sprint.avi


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

nice nick. hopefully ill be able to see your motor at the meet in bury if it ever happens!:)
  BMW 320d Sport

Probably 950kg, around 210 bhp with the boost turned down (engine bay maintenance impending!), 1st and 2nd gear used. Bury as in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.