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BB’s 16v Turbo Questions

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

In the MP edition with the BMW black BB 16v turbo Clio in;

The performance figure for 0-60 is an estimates. At 5 secs. Im very interested to know what the car has proven to do in a 1/4 mile run. In theory it should be just shy of 13 secs shouldnt it? Also id expect BB to have the facilities to measure the 0-60 time of the turbo Clio 16v digitally.

Is the 250bhp figure proven too? And what can be expected from the low boost conversion running at a mechanically sensible boost?

Are the 17s used on the turbo Clio actually required for grip or just looks?

I have loads of questions but would like to know how quick the low boost conversion will make ur car in terms of keeping up with a standard cossie. Cheers.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Im not in a position to get the conversion myself but say if i was to win Saturdays lottery & wanted to keep the pocket rocket on then thatd have to be happening. :D

Ahhhhhhh, we can all dream.

Has any1 whos having this done enquired into thier demo cars proven performance times? Cheers

Win the lottery, how cool would that be.......yes we can all dream! :D

Anyway, Id have thought the best person the speak to is Nick about it.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Its up for discussion pal, id just like to know if the claims of a 5 second 0-60 are realistic.

I surpose i could get a loan and pay it on finance like these VTR/S owners are doing only spending it on a 200+bhp beast! :devilish::cool:

I have the BB brochure but even the low boost conversion with up-rated clutch is nearly 6 grand!

It certainly has the power to weight ratio to do a 5sec 60, but i think there would be too much trouble getting the power down - possibly on hot slicks and good asphalt.

Big wheels would probably be necessary for the brakes as much as anything.
  BMW 320d Sport

A lot of questions there Mikey, all I can say is if youre seriously looking into it, BB will let you have a drive in one!

Ive had the high boost one out on the road (the one in Max this month) and before I blew it up I was used to a fast Clio when I was making average 14.5 second passes over the 1/4 mile, in mine. So I know whats fast and whats FAST if you get me. The BB turbo was was running around 240bhp (they have their own rollers which are pretty accurate IMHO) when I drove it and I wasted a Saph Cossie on a short stretch of dual carriageway like it was standing still. And the Cos was caning a long line of normal traffic at warp speed already. Now admittedly it was only a Saph, but it was modded and fast.

Theres no timing for it yet because its not been out and quarter miled properly, so any claim wouldnt have the ticket to back it up. But as Steve says, you can make some rough calculations bearing in mind the power-to-weight ratio of over 250bhp/tonne, which canes almost anything on the road barring genuine supercars and bikes. Obviously FWD is a disadvantage off the line, but in another way its an advantage because once youre up to speed and wheelspin is no longer an issue, you lose less through the transmission than 4wd or RWD, so more power on the road and less wasted. Plus its a bit lame I know, but who wants to be forever losing the back end on country lanes every time you give it beans? FWD much more controllable, up to about 240bhp. Any more than that and its too much for the car Id say.

Just off the top of my head, I reckon it feels like itll consistently do 0-60 in the 5s somewhere, 0-100 in 12, 1/4 mile in low 13s. Hopefully on my gearbox itll top out at around 155pmh
  Revels Mum & Sister

Nick, You dont post often, but when you do you sure do post hehe ;)

Anyway there is a lot of speculation about performance figures and so forth. But proof is in the pudding. I reckon once Nicks is up together and running nice. He will silence a few sceptics!! And then some!

Cant wait to see this badboy in action.

How long till you get her back mate???
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Me too. I am seriously considering it for in a years time but things like blowing engines and how quickly itll chew gearboxes etc worry me.

More importantly my engine will have covered over 80k by the time im in a financial position to have it converted, so new bearings piston rings & cranks will have to be replaced for it to stand a chance at over 230bhp.

Id be more than happy with a tad over 200bhp Nick for a reliable and reasonable running expense. Id consider it worth the money even if it went through a gearbox every 15-20k and driveshafts every service. But my question is; is the 200bhp 16v reliable enough as an every day car?

Will i really p*ss off some cossie owners running such bhp?

I think ill sit back & observe the 16v turbos (Nicks & someone else) on this site & make my judgment when the time comes. :devilish:

Hope evrything goes well with urs Nick but what happened to the BB Clio? Head gasket? Pistons shot through head/melted? Cheers.

Roll on french car show, I was curious about the insurance aspect? does this now mean that you have a group 20 car after conversion? Nick feedback please, as i would consider the conversion, money permitting, but living in London, car crime high? the war and fuel rising slowly? I would love to have a stealth one, looking like a bog standard 16V and roastin and toastin everyone who was up for it!:devilish:

Mikey - it was Nicks nitrous-powered 16v that blew up (although the BB 16v turbo did have a technical hitch the other day).
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

My mistake, read it wrong. :oops: Sorry Craggy.

What was the technical prob then? I have a feeling theyll be a few in its teething period, hope they can be all over-come.

R u gonna be putting yours on 17s Nick? Id imagine they wont sapp power when trying to put 200bhp down on the ground. :eek:

The handling with 17s on is amazing & they look massive on a Clio but make a very noisy ride & slows a standard Valver down a LOT! Hence my 16s.

How long now Nick?

Nicks clio 16v used to be on 18"s!! But now is ridin on some very very nice 17"s!!

At the last southend meet nick gave the impression that the wait was very nearly over! And excited he seemed to!...rightly so!
  BMW 320d Sport

LOL all these rumours flying about! Yes its my mistake I worded it wrong, it was MY valver on gas that blew up, not BBs. And its now running on a brand new set of 17" OZ Chrono Evos to lighten up the unsprung weight. The rims are about 7.5kg each, only 1kg more than Superleggeras in the same size. Couldnt even go smaller than 17s now if I wanted to - BB just put on my 325mm discs and 4 pot calipers and they wont even fit inside 17" rims without a 5mm spacer on the hub! Insurance is only about £150 more than before. But then Ive been with Flux for a few years now, insured as an all mods declared show/club car. But it comes in under a grand fully comp WITH the turbo conversion declared.

Anyway, the big news is that its ready, and Im picking it up tomorrow...
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Que girly scream... ... ...

Bet u cant sleep, let us know how it is then by posting tomorrow.

I bet you have to run it in for a thousand miles though dont you? :cry:

I like that - its ready by the way, picking it up tomorrow.

like youre not excited. got the day off? or do you have to wait for the weekend to go for a 300mile detour to tesco?

BTW - do you need to run it in?

Went along to BB last weekend to pick up cherished 16vs Clio - he has had the low boost conversion. Hes running it in for 800 miles and only taking it up to 4500 rpm. But my god does the thing fly. Its only running 6 psi until he takes it back for an oil service, then they will take itup to 9 or 10 psi. The torque is amazing, and I have no doubt that itll waste my Cup.

I had their Breathing kit fitted to my Cup and can recommed it to anyone!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I just went to get it today, running late, had to get back to school for parents evening, but I couldnt cane it back cos of the running in. No hard driving for 1200 miles in mine, only revving to 4500, no lugging it in 5th gear at 30mph, which I dont really do anyway. Just being sensible with it really. Im driving it everywhere just brushing the throttle lightly and its hard, REAL hard, not to just floor it! Still, even taking it easy you just give it a nudge and itll pull away from anything, at least anything I saw today. Running 10psi boost until the engine and kevlar clutch are nicely bedded in, then itll be turned up to the normal 15psi.

I dont know whether its coming out of the old Fiat or whether its because the front track has had to be widened 10mm, or maybe its running lightweight 17s instead of 18s but my Clio handles like a go kart, I just cant make it let go on corners however hard I try.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

17s give amazing cornering on original suspension, so with coilovers itll be amazing!

Any pics especially engine bay ones?

15psi! WOW! ZZZZZZZZZoooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!

Hows the dump valve sound?