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Clio 182 Trophy Front Spoiler

  Clio 1.5DCI

I am thinking of purchasing a 182 Front Splitter for a standard clio bumper, I asked to see if it fits and was told it would but I just want to know if any of you could confirm this for me.

  Clio 1.5DCI
Sorry, yea spoiler, got confused. Its on ebay at the moment, just wondering if it fits a stanard clio bumper?

One other thing, would renault mud guards for the 98 clio on fit an 03 clio. Stupid question ano but just want to make sure.


  Chocolate Bar™
it'll fit a standard bumper - just not a direct fit. so you can cut it down the middle and then cut the ends off so its about right. or try and bend it to the shape.

otherwise contact k-tec racing to find out whether they've got the mould ready for the carbon one to fit the non-RS model.
  Clio 1.5DCI
Thanks for the help, will get in touch with them tommorow. Really want to get rid of the standard plastic tat thats stuck to the bottom.