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Comparison between 172 Cup and the 206 GTI 180

  Clio 172 mk2
Rich-D said:
In theory the GTi-180 should be a hell of a good car, it comes from a stable of cracking hot hatches, however the reality is that it's not... :dapprove:

Peugeot have made some of the best hot hatches about, but the 206 aint cast from the same mould!

Definately....not destined for legendary status like the 205
crazycup said:
The performance of them is not as good as a cup. Imagine buying one then being gutted when a cup pulls away from you! lol

If your Cup is standard you wouldn't pull away from it...
  Golf 7R
152 lb-ft torque and 0-60 7.4, runs out of beans at 140, so not bad, but almost a second slower than a STANDARD cup to 60!!