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Compromised balance when lightening the load?

So recently picked up a r27 with the sole purpose of track and auto X fun, won't be used for anything else.

Planning to lighten it up with the usual weight reduction such as back seats, belts, iso bar and also will likely be replacing the glass all round for a lexan kit.

As far as I've read, the recarros are heavier than the oem sport seats, and I know there are much lighter option bucket seats out there, but there petty dam nice to be in so don't really fancy getting rid.

Anyway back to the point, I love the way the car handles right now with the current coilover and semi slicks on right now and I don't want to upset the balance too much.

What are peoples experiences of removing a lot of weight from the back? Will removing the extra passager recarro and replace driver/passenger glass with lighter plastic help even out the rear loss?

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