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Cup beaten by Cooper !!!!

Well not quite :-

Picked up my Cup on Saturday, done 200 miles and i aint taken it over 3500 rpm until ive done 600 - The new cooper came up behind me (A127 - M25 roundabout) with his xenons and fogs on (hairspray and heated rollers on the back seat probably) then zoomed past me and i had to resist - God it Hurt ! time he aint gonna see me for dust

Cup feels like its gonna be F****ing quick (had 2 imprezaa & 3 Integrales before this) feels nice and responsive/chuckable V.impressed with these new Hot Hatches - 7000 rpm here i come

See you down the Lanes...........
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i had to resist in my 172 the other day too, running it in, only done about 300 miles in it, and this n*b thought he pissed all over me in his 2.2 astra estate.

You think thats bad, I got overtaken by a Ice Cream Van when running in my Exclusive. Luck it was on Holy Island and no one was about...:oops:

"Cup feels like its gonna be F****ing quick"2 imprezaa & 3 Integrales",

Would the clio cup not be a step down in comparsion to your previous owned cars? :confused:

I WIN! The day i got mine, i had a bromley lad with his two mates in his NOVA! little gte thingy, revvin at the lights, got his wheels spinnin and went! grrrrr i wanted to eat his car whole! but i was good and resisted, still catchin up swiftly and over takin without exceedin the runnin in rpm!!

Frankly I would have had to do something about it. If I couldnt thrash the ballcocks off my new cup (if i had one) then I would probably put the window down and pop some rounds into the Minis fuel tank. Then cackle in an evil style as the fireball that was once a piece of german crap explode infront of me.

Oh sorry, its bed time now, got to go. Got to put my jacket on.


I ran mine in for 15 minutes, after that anyone was game. Loosens the engine up. Had a friendly race with a rather quick RS Turbo yesterday, and the a Passat V6 driven by a suit. No worries.

So, MrGrale, do your Cup a favour and stop thinking about this "running in b****cks", and go kick some anus!!:cool:

Integrales were all Awesome (8v, evo1 & evo2) especially evo 2, but and this is a big but - Very expensive to run, parts are getting difficult to get thus are v.expensive, lots of cowboys reckon they know how to maintain them but usaully F**k em up and they are all prone to rust including last of the evo 2 dealer collection cars, particularly around front and rear windscreens.

When they are running well i reckon they are best car on the road in my opinion - handling and feedback is incredible for a car that was concieved in 1979 !! (delta that is) and have a lot more soul than Imprezas etc.

Would recommend buying one only if you have ££££££££ to blow....

  Revels Mum & Sister

You wont have any problem with coopers. My next door neighbour has one and my 16V eats him for brekkie. They are only 115BHP and weigh more than clios. If it was a supercharged one :oops: He beat me good!!!!

I had a Cooper for 6 months before I took delivery of the Cooper S and of the line I would class it as nippy. Used to comfotbaly beat VTRs and stuff like that but once you got it the twisties where it belongs it kept up with cars with twice the power quite easily. Excellent fun on the right roads but had to be kept around the 4K rev mark. This is where it was a little dissapointing coming out of sharp bends where you couldnt carry speed through as you had to sit and wait for the revs to climb. Supercharger addresses this problem very well but still could do with a bit of extra grunt for the straights, hence why mine is booked in for a 212 bhp upgrade early next year.

You getting the works conversion or where you getting it done at? My dad is picking his cooper s up next week after his cooper was written off, car pulled out in front of him. I think hes going for the works conversion but i have seen a few other conversions comming up for the s, just wondering what options there are.


Had made my mind up about the Works coversion and getting it fitted early next year for £3500 but since then Birds who are a reputable BMW and Mercedes tuner are offering a kit by Hartge which ups power to 212bhp for £1500. Only problem is my 3 year BMW warrenty goes down the pan with the latter option whereas the Works is fully covered. I expect performance of both conversions to be similar. Hartge quote 0-100 time of 16 seconds flat and it is available now, so my mind is pretty much made up that this is the way to go.

£3500 is quite expensive eh! Dad asked the dealer he thought it would be about £2500 but he wasnt sure. LAD are comming up with a kit as well but ive heard a lot of bad reports about them, well for peugeots any way. There is no mention of prices but the cooper conversion is £1500.

i dont know if this applies to other market... but in NZ Coopers are realllllllllllly skank on basic options..... there isnt even a CD player its an option ;(

Same over here unfortunatley mate. Mine set me back 19 grand after extras were added from the base price of 14.5K. 17" wheels and full leather are nice though. Climate control is good too but like you say for the flagship model you would expect to get a cd player, air con, and xenons but I guess BMW have got people by the b****cks.....Like me for example.