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Diesel performance

As you can guess by the unimaginative name I have a diesel. But dont worry I still get the ladies and have not yet resorted to wearing a flak jacket and wellington boots.

Its a DCi 65 and needs to be fast. Any diesel engineers know how to achieve this??? Considered superchip.

Also want to know the difference between DCi 65 And 80 models and if it would ever be possible to go with the 80 chip.

mate of mine has a hybrid turbo and increased the boost on his 306 d-turbo and it goes like a rocket (well for a diesel) now

Nothing wrong with Diesels mate. I had a P reg Clio Diesel Versailles and it was ace! Like the 16 Valve but dont like the economy after the Diesel. Oh well speed cost money.

I think that normally aspirated diesels dont have much going for them in the "sporty" sense. But the market seems to have woken up to forced induction diesels in a big way recently. Though this may be helped a lot by new company car tax regulations, it also owes something to the fact that these cars are now viable oposition for many NA petrol cars.

A tuned NA or forced induction petrol car will always make more power than a diesel with equivalent tuning. And the VW Golf TDi race car is more a case of "hello, VW PR here - get us a diesel race car" than "wow, we race mechanics have suddenly found out 100 years after the inception of the diesel engine that they are better than petrol engines".

But forced induction diesels are popping everywhere at the moment for good reason, and offer the moder good hikes in output/driveability for relatively little work, with a good chip.

As a Clio 16v lover, the whole idea of low-down torque is a bit of a mystery to me...but if I were to have a second car, a DCi would be very high on my list.

Cheers for the link mate. Im getting confused... I keep getting told different things - The DCi has a turbo, the DCi doesnt have a turbo.... Whos right?:confused:. When I bought it they told me it had a turbo and superchips have it as a turbod car under their listings.

The Clio diesel engine is from a new generation of Spherical Common Rail 1.5 dCi turbo diesels, available in 65 and 80 bhp versions. The 1.5 dCi 80 bhp version provides 67.3mpg (with C02 emissions of 113g/km) making it the most economical car in the UK.

(didnt write this myself).
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Very nice, my dad is getting his new golf gti pdi x2189 or whatever theyre called 150 bhp 236 lb/ft diesel next week! im getting insurance so ill give a review after ive toast i mean tested it ;)

Nice. :D I see VW havent gone overboard with the name on that one. Could you imagine asking for that in a garage... Can I have a... F**K forgot what it was called!!!


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Yo Lads i wanna hear someof this info too cause my dci is too slow as i stepped down from a d turbo 306
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diesel cars can be fast nowadays... but only in a straight line. Not that good on handling corners and so forth. Too much weight on the front of the car.. :(

Dont know about this new small diesel engines thou.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah ill bet, my dad maybe 60 but he still likes to put his toe down! hehe. Thats where i get it from i think..... In gear times should be impressive with all that 236 lb ft of pulling power, coupled with 6 gears, it should be interesting..... I think the key with those hi-torque diesels is to keep it cooking within the 2000-4000 rpm boost range.
  FRST and 106 GTi

Golf 150bhp turbo diesel? if yes, I saw one on a trackday. It was puting out 183bhp and 400nm torque. Nice numbers yes, but the damn thing would not corner at all!!! the front of the car just kept on going bye bye.

Wasnt someone saying a while ago that if u get a bigger intercooler and chip for the DCi they can see 105bhp very easily?

Sounds like fun to me, actually wish I had bought a diesel as the 1.2 16v is crap! No speed, just nippy, but doesnt pull well. Then again I have a 1.7dti Astra that I pilot around all day so got used to the diesel way of driving (ie low down torquey power)

Good luck tuning it mate

The Diesel is great fun! Much more fun than the 1.2 16V which I also test drove, and found a bit dull with no pull to it.

I had loads of fun in the 1.2 when I borrowed it, it actually managed 110 down the M1 and a few handbrake turns before it broke. Actually prefer the diesel by far.

Yeah by the looks of it if you add the intercooler you could get the 80 chip which adds another 20 - 25 bhp that would give 105 on basic addition dont know about getting actual values by adding the new comps together tho.

A company called Revo-tek, formeley APR are doin flash ecu maps for the VAG TDI PD engines. The 130bhp tdi pd makes 180bhp and 300lb/ft of torque, which is quick in the golf, but in the seat ibiza it makes 7.0 secs to 60 ! watch out boys ! (we are talking quicker in gear times than a UK WRX)

The 150bhp tdi pd, has a bigger FMIC and larger turbo with titanium impellor vains IIRC, 200 bhp abd 315lb/ft of torque, this engine will be made available in the seat ibiza cupra R, so that shopuld absolutley fly ! oh, and you still can get 60 mpg, but not at the same time obviously !

Dont diss the Diesel!!!!! Ive got a 1.9D clio as my first car and I think its great!! It pull so much better than my Instructors 1.5Dci did, and it has had the diesel pump turned up 2 or something. Never been in a valver, but It beats the hell out of my friends 1.1 Saxos , 1.2 Nova , 1.1 mICRA :oops: and a little Mini ;)

Ill be after a 1.9d in about six months time, but I definitely cant see it threatening my 16v! 65bhp versus 137bhp (as standard)!

I have both Ben H and on long journeys the Diesel beats my Valver on fuel when Im doing 70 down the motorway fuel wise! It just about halves the cost for me. But speed and power the Valver wins hands down!

Weird really as the insurance was exactly the same for both cars!:confused:

Insurance the same? Thats really odd! I reckon its becuase the security on base Clios is a bit poo.

Whats the 1.9d like to drive? And how much did you pick your up for?