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Do Renault know

about this knocking noise Ive been banging on about (no pun intended)

i.e the pulling away from junctions and in fact pulling away full stop (with any revs..)

Ive read in several places about this problem... and how to get it fixed. i.e different / adjusted engine mounts...

however, on ringing my local renault dealer they said it wasnt a recall -> fair enough... Ill pay then

but when i said i wanted them to confirm they could fix it before i brought it in, they said they couldnt and would need to look at it first....

and i said... if i bring it in, i want it fixed by the time i come back to pick it up that day... which they said they couldnt do....

im going to speak to a couple of car people I know and see if THEY have heard of this before otherwise I am going to end up with my car in the garage for a week whilst the renault dealer scratches his arse / head....

opinions please

well after the outstanding response to this

i thought i would a . btt it and b. ask another question;

does anyone know what parts are needed for this i.e what different engine mounts or can the existing ones be adjusted sufficiently to stop this problem.... ??

anyone ? anyone ? anyone ? Bueler ? anyone ?

Hi VR6Man.
I made an input the last time you brought this subject up, remember?
When i got this problem solved i did not have to pay. Maybe it´s because my brother is a salesman at volvo/Renault but that should not make a differnce.
Don´t think you need any new parts because the problem is fixed by adjusting the egnine position so that the "part" that hits another and makes the noise gets as far away from eachother as possible. I hope you get what i mean ´The mechanics should know...

thanks rpm

yes, i do remember you saying this...

what i kinda wanted to know was why have the 2 renault garages i have rung so far not had a clue what i was talking about ??

so basically, i could take it to one of several people who arent renault garages and get them to fix it without any problem then ???

i have used these guys when VW quote me stupid prices for work on the VR6 in the past !!!

why do posts never make any sense once u have posted them

what i was trying to say was... ill take it to someone else then and get them to adjust the mounts

Just talked to my brother and he explained it a bit more precise. This can be difficult to explain in a easy way because English is not my own language.
The engnine mounts/cushions allow the engnine to flex, the mechanic that fixed my car loosend(spelling?) the screws at the cushions, by doing so he could move the engine a bit left/right with a bar/tool. Then he tightened the screws when the engine was at a wanted position. get it?? I you tighten the screw to the right first the engnine will tilt to the left and so on..
If this doesnt tho the job you may have to bend the downpipe just a bit. Good luck.

thanks mate

i see what you mean...

anyway, your english is fine... makes more sense than mine a lot of the time !!!

i will get someone to give that a go then...

sorry to bring this back from the dead again however;

having rung hmmm 4 or 5 renault dealerships, all who had no idea what I was on about, I took my car to an independant garage (someone I know and trust)

he agreed that it sounds like the downpipe hitting something... fine... he then rang some more renault dealers, ones that he reckoned were good and worth speaking to.. .they all said they had never had a mk1 in for this and had never heard of this problem... nice

anyhow.. hes gonna give the adjusting the mounts a go for me on saturday.. ill let you know how i get on...

i just cant believe that none of the renault places have come across this.....

  Clio v6

The ones who have fixed this problem for some people must have come across it?

Or is that Irish?

Ive had exactly the same problem from new. Its not as common now since I had a decat pipe fitted, decat pipe is much lighter than cats so that might make a difference ?!

It does sound like the manifold hitting something.
  CTR EK9 turbo

VR6man - I got mine fixed at SMC Renault Main Dealer in Woking. Tell them that they fixed one before (theyre a bit thick there) and it was the one that was in there for 2 and a half weeks having a new gear box fitted (theyll remember, i rang them EVERY day it was in there! ). They fixed the banging problem and theyve fixed others with the same problem. The number is: 01483 720322 - i even know it off by heart, how bad is that!? (I did double check it with my phone tho, so dont worry its not a porn line or anything.) To get there drive through Guildford, turn left at Firestation towards woking and go over a few islands heading towards woking each time. When you get to a fairly large island (about the 4th?) turn off at the first left up the road/hill with speed bumps, called "*something Hill/Lane" drive all the way up there and youll reach another roundabout, turn left there up another hill and youll see the dealership on the left at the top of the hill and there you go. Watch out for the 1.2 16v courtesy boat, its been ragged