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Does this look like a standard exhaust!?

  Racing Blue 182
Hi all,

I know its not a great picture but can anyone help shed some light on whether this exhaust looks like the standard exhaust or not!?,580093953&formats=0,0&format=0

I don't think it is as it looks like it has slash cut tailpipes (but that might just be my eyes!)

The reason for asking is the seller seems to think that it is a standard exhaust and if its not I don't know whether to be cautious about it or just hope I'm getting a good deal! :p

Thanks all,

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  Racing Blue 182
Cool, didn't think it was! Anyone know what it looks like at all? Coz I'm thinking if he thinks it's standard and it's not, I could buy it and be getting a good deal, or I could buy it and it is some piece of rubbish! Have asked for more photos but I am a bit sceptical!

Or am I just being mean and I should tell him its not standard!? He only wants £150 for it!?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
As said...not standard...but could be just about anything with slash cut tail pipes. It could sound perfect...or like a piece of crap. Would need to see the construction to work out if it was distinguishable from any others.
  Racing Blue 182
Yeah good point. And I'm thinking that if he thinks its standard then it won't have any branding on it. I have asked for pictures of it on and off the car and getting them tomorrow so that hopefully I can post them up on here and get everyone's verdict coz I'm a bit of a novice :)

Thanks for all the feedback guys :)