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e91 335i. The Unicorn.


ClioSport Trader
So this sold yesterday to the chap that owns Millennium Heroes/Fast Classics/Octane Collection ... he rocked up in a mega mile '56 plate 335d touring that this will apparently replace, but i fully expect it to be back up for sale at eleventy billion pounds in due course.

I cant complain really, it sold for an asking price way above what i paid for it and there was a small queue of BMW specialists fighting over it 😂

Some pics from the advert. Car looked epic once i'd got the bodywork sorted :love:


R1 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

R3 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

L3 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr


I1 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

I2 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

I3 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

I4 by Sir_Dave, on Flickr

All in all, a wonderful car and i would have quite happily kept it forever, but for a variety of reasons, the cash is probably better off in the bank at the moment (y)


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
The guy at millennium hero's once sent me an invoice for £300 because I'd copied a part of one of his adverts (which he'd copied from Wikipedia).


What a colossal t**t, did you even bother replying?


ClioSport Club Member
  Alpina D3, AC Cobra
What a colossal t**t, did you even bother replying?
Yeah I did. Asking him if he'd sold my exact car.

Then got a reply saying only joking, spend a lot of time etc, can we sell your car for you?

Mega odd.