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Electrical problems while driving!

  Clio1.2 R reg MK2 Phase 1
Hi guys.

another quick question! Whilst driving my R Reg MK2 Phase 1 clio the other day, i was doing about 55 mph down a country B road when my electrics cut completely. the CD player turned off, the fan, the dials etc + indicator signs on the display? once i stopped i turned the engine off and then back on and it returned to normal?

Has this happened to anyone else? only happened once a few days ago, but if it happens again on the motorway then i'm a little screwed!

Also little observation is that the fuel gauge is less accurate than has been and it moves around a little whilst driving!

Thanks a lot!
had this on the motorway back from leeds with my mk2 ph2, took it to renault and they said that could be due to drain on battery from my phone charger. . . BullSh1t?? anyways kept happening and so they eventually gave it a new engine wiring loom, thank god it was still in warranty. . . out now tho so dreading any more probs.