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Expert Help Plz lol

  RS Meg 175
Im just after a bit of guidance and opinions from you guys on a couple of things :D

1. Colour coding of the Bump Strips and Front and Rear Bumper insert
I was qouted by some body shop £80! if itake them off myself :O
is that dodgy ^^ do we think? lol im after a cheapy but not a bodge up.

2. Ive been getting qoutes for my car to be Lowered, they seem to have mostly PI Springs are these any good?
and they seem to want Around £90 for springs and £20 per corner!!
Then i have a qoute for PI springs fitted for £145/

Do these sound dodgy or out?

Opinions please :D:D:D:D:D
  Meg on pistonheads £6995
springs - 'bout right - had my Apex ones 'fitted' for £122 'all-in' with CS discount @ BB
  RS Meg 175
LOL ^^
i wouldnt no how to! also i havent got the tools either :S

and cant you do yourself some damage if the spring pops out wrong?
  Chocolate Bar™
you may get a good job for 80quid if he's doing it as a cash in hand job, and already has the paint in stock. most of the bodyshops i have used charge close on 80quid for supplies alone.

your best bet would be to test him with something like the spoiler, then if its crap you havent got to get everything redone. in the long run its always going to cost more though
  RS Meg 175
Orite ok cheers M!ddo, i cant decide what to do :S

what would you do? i got a qoute from some place over the phone for £400 ! then another place for £300 and then this place for £80 :O
i cannay decide captain :(
Also getting a bit of lowering done tomorow hopefully :)
what is the max you would pay for PI/APEX springs plus fitting?
  R26 230
mate i got ultimate springs from k tec all 4 springs delivered £85 35mm drop so no need to change dampers, also look mint and handling much improved. Also dont pay more than £20 a corner to fit especially not rear as they are piss easy to fit.
fit the srpings yourself mate, not hard at all.. get a mate to help you.. cant help with the paint part though, but that seems not a bad price to me if its a good job
  RS Meg 175
Thats the thing i dont no if it'll be a bad job or not :S
what would you do :S lol

(Justin u at Trax btw?)
when is trax? september sometime? i am offshore just now but hopefully home on friday.. you could maybe ask the body shop to see an example of their work?
  RS Meg 175
Yh good idea ill have a wack :)

( its on This sunday Justin, think Pootle has some tickets left you should come down, first meet for me aswell lol)

*ill be the young one with the 1.2 Black Mk2ph1 in the corner* :eek:
  RS Meg 175
:O orite i c lol!
should be good though! im looking forward to it, just hope dnt get bullied with my 1.2 :( lol
  Chocolate Bar™
you going down to trax then matta? can have a good burtchers round the car as she'll be on the stand. Also doing a 0-60 run so you can see how quick she is ;)
Matta_88 said:
:O orite i c lol!
should be good though! im looking forward to it, just hope dnt get bullied with my 1.2 :( lol
Nothing wrong with 1.2 power. You'll be quicker than me.
  Chocolate Bar™
if mines anything to go by :rasp:

i'm only saying that cos i know you'll absolutly thrape me on the track, and it gives me a false sense of confidence lol
  RS Meg 175
Middo said:
it gives me a false sense of confidence lol
LOL ^^

Yh im at Trax :) first meet :)
Looking forward to it hope tisnt awkward lol :p
Guna buy some hardcore CS merchandisooo :)