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External Antenna for Road Angel 2

Just looked on Blacksport for ^^^^ I know people have got 5m cables in there cars, but Blackspot only sell 2m versions now???

Is 2m to short to reach by rear seat belt / parcel shelf?

Also the new Road Angel Navigator looks well smart but 600 notes! :eek: I suppose its not to bad RA & Sat nav in one.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

all depends if there sat nav is up to scracth!! I will have oen on test very soon :)

Yes it is pricy!!

They should have a 5m antenna for sale, best to give them a ring Jay.
Lemme know if u need a hand with anything.

You have to call them and ask for a 5m, then on your web order where is says how did you hear about us put " PLEASE SEND 5M CABLE"

Lol and then they will still send you a 2m one they are bloody useless.

The 2m will not reach the back of the car, well it will, but you wont be able to hide the wires.