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F**king bas*ards

  ff 182

Finished work last nite so went and got petrol and this red golf gti came into the petrol station didnt think anything of it.

They just kept starring at me and my car.So drove out and it started following me and it started to swerve towards me and saying he was gonna kill me and told me to pull over so i carried on driving and he drove off spun around come abck and pulled in front of me and this point i had to go on the other side of the road to get round him as soon as i phoned the police and he new i was talking to them he ripped off.

Then when i was taking the missus home i saw it again it chased me then ripped off.

I hate my and dont want it any more so if any1s interested let me know.

Cheers Pete

This is just a mad mad mad world, did you get his number plate? the police probably wont do anything cos thats just what theyre like nowadays, but these people need dealing with, one way or another.

Ive had a few experiences like this, people having a go for no reason, but theyve always been a one off thing, and Ive never been bothered again by the same people, so I hope its the same for you matey, keep your chin up, its not worth getting rid of your car due to some nuttas - rise above it.

ahhh this is easy............ buy an old sh*tter out of free ads for bout £50... find where he lives and in the night, (wearing gloves - fingerprints) accidently trash your unregistered, untaxed and motd sh*tter into his car... then leg it!!

now unless he can run f**kin fast he aint gonna bother u for a while!
  Clio Gtt

same happened to me actully with a black golf, but they crashed it when they tried to handbrake it round a corner!


  Shiny red R32

Smoothed Clio

If you notice someone who you think might appear threatening or aggressive, dont make further eye contact with them.
  ff 182

I didnt in the first place i was on my way home from work and only looked at them when they tried to ram me?

something like that happened to me, i just kept a low profile for a while and thankfully havent seen the bloke since, if he tried anything again though i would just drop him. As long as they dont follow you home mate or know where u live. Can u get your car down your drive or in your garage?

beat them down!! find out where they live and the area rep can organise a clio beating meet!

imagine........ u happily driving along and OH NO!! he spots u!! come charging up aggressive as f**k! then poos himself as suddenly the surrounding area is full of modified clios, sitting on his arse abusing him next to him and be generally agressive back!! think hed poo himself big time!!

man they are mailto:w@nkers">w*nkers, dont let some bunch of tw*ts force you into making a decision like changing your car.


like ben says we need to turn up in force!

It makes you cautious doesnt it, in a way I enjoy people looking at my car because it looks good and I spend a lot of time polishing it and keeping it nice - however the last thing you want is some mental trying to run you off the road... do you reckon he wanted youre car or just some trouble?
  ff 182

He was either after my car or my money as i had just been to the cash point but its like why bother i had no chance of getting away coz he had a golf gti . test driving a cup this week so that will cheer me up.

That would give me the sh*ts!! Good luck with the test drive - The Cup is a gorgeous car (wish theyd kept the leather though!!)

i cant understand some people. u think it could be jealousy? i reckon its jealousy thats caused my car to be rammed whilst parked on the drive:mad:

Hey Pete wassup??

Got a description of the guy in the golf ?? i think i may know who it is!!!

sorry to hear bout it any way mate wanna race when u get your cup ha ha!!


Mate, get that cup sorted, then go humiliate that t**ser.

Either that, or take ben js advice of buying a sh*tter and accidentally having a crash, one that runs the full length of the side of his car. Nasty. Not that I am advocating that kind of behaviour, but it does sound fitting.

No, seriously, dont get even, just let him carry on safe in the knowledge that one day hell either..

(a) run himself off the road
(b) do the same thing to some double hard b*****d wholl cave his face in anyway.

Dont mess with Karma!


next time hes on ya ass. jam ya brakes on hard as f**k so he ploughs into yer ass! when the police come.. say a kid ran out in front of you... little b*****d ran off though! and hell have to pay to get ya car repaired back to original state.. and his own car.. itll screw his premiums up. you sell ya car on, get ya cup... next time u see hime hes in a 1 litre fiesta cause he cant afford insurance anymore on his gti !!

Oh man Pete - thats bad. I dunno what Id do. I told you that time I had a nutter in an Astra braking in front of me - the only way I got away was by booting it. If Id been in my old 1.2 Id have had it.

Just makes you wish that me, Si in his Willy 3 and Lee in his 16v were there to give the Golf a hard time.

I guess you just have to think about not getting money out of cash points at night or using your cards more often.

Anyway, hope you get a Cup. I want to show you how much faster my moded 16v is!!
  Clio 16v, Uno Turbo, VRS

people are werid arent they, some guy followed me when i was in my clio, little did he know that it was a clio gt turbo, i turned up the boost an went for it, didnt see him again!!


I had that............

Getting followed all the way down the road...........right up my arse, doing stupid speeds. Got quite scared until I realised it was my mate havin a laugh! People wanted my car as well, and I also enjoyed everyone looking at it and hearing it.........its just the disadvantage of modding cars!

LOL. Not quite the same I know.........