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FAO balck Clio in Bristol today (going to Cribbs)


You had a Cliosport sticker in the back...

I was the black 16v in front of you with the black wheels, all the way onto the M5. Do you work at that finance office thats tucked just off Melrose Place in Clifton??

Youll see mine and my mates 16vs (his is red with 17s) both parked in the compound with big black gates, opposite where the underground car park entrance is at the office. The cars wont be there for a while yet (both of us are still on holiday - uni students), but youll have probably seen them in the past.

Nice car - 17s I guess. Not sure if you really have the engine youre badges say you do though (no offence).


sorry no jelp with this topic but.....

you better be up for a race in a few months,

ive bought my self a williams engine and box!

watch out

Wow!!! Good on ya mate!! Ill be looking forward to that!

Can we make sure that itll be in Wales, as Bristol is a bit too built up for real hot hatch antics. Unless you have any suggestions...

Maybe we could go 1/4 miling??

yes 1/4 is definite,

im not expecting to have it done for a few months yet, im hoping to do it once and do it properly,

where is the nearest 1/4 drag strip?

also what badges did the black clio have?

It wasnt me but I was in Bristol (unfortunately live in Derby now!) on Sunday and I have a Cliosport sticker on the back. Funny thing is I use to work at the finance office (Hargreaves Lansdown) off Melrose Place. Never saw you guys there though.....

  Clio V6 255

IT WAS ME!! yep, work at Hargreaves Lansdown, so I often see the cars when I pop out of the office, and I live in Almondsbury, so I was on my way home.

Noticed you had your bonnet up when I walked past, so ill have a chat next time I see you.

Well polished car but knowing what it was, I was not going to try and overtake in normal circumstances! I honestly thought to myself hed do well being in this club!!

You could well be right about the badges, but thats another thread!, plus my car is in desperate need of a wash.

I have lived in Bristol all my life, but im working at HL as part of my sandwich course as im studying a BA in finance at Bournemouth Uni, so ill be back there for my final year starting 28th September.

Ill be around on Tuesdays and Wednesdays unitl I go back to Uni too (Bristol, doing a Masters) and youll see my car in the drive again on those days. I usually have the bonnet open for some reason or another!

I saw your car parked up a while ago and posted then, but I guess you didnt see it - threads disappear to the next page fast if no-one picks them up

Theres a good Clio crowd in Bristol, but every time Ive tried to organise some sort of a meet, Ive had Avon & Somerset Police threatening to crush my car for organising illegal cruises! (which, for the record, I dont do).

Im a real fan of the Dynamique - especially in black. All you need to do is colour code the plastic strips and lower it a little, and youd be confused more often than not for a 172! Was down at Renault Cardiff today: they had a black 172 and a Dynamique 1.2 next to each other - you can hardly tell the difference if youre not looking hard. Im so glad you cant confuse an old Clio with the 16v/Williams!!


Not sure where the nearest 1/4 mile strip is, but weve got time to find one by the sounds of things! Good luck with the engine conversion - if you need somewhere that you can trust and is mega, mega cheap, go to Transmission Workshop in Bedminster (other side of the river from Spike Island). Ask for Andy (the boss) and say that I sent you.

Ill dig out the number if you like.

cheers ben,

i know some very cheap people,

but very cheap is still expensive to me at the moment, so im doing it on the drip my self for the time being,

im relying on the memebers to help me too, Ben and joe etc you know who you are

at the moment the final spec is likley to be "BenR ported head", hopefully balanced bottom end, everythiong worn will be replaced, and the hill power williams chip and my de-cat and full magnex, should produce 150+ hay burners a hope