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FAO Benr and Capt’

ur e-mail still has nt arrived but got thr end of the thred. I guess I if not Capt were a little excited about the prospects. No way track days or turn up and drive company sponsored "GO CART" days.

If U can e-mail me "" to help me and capt out, would be great.

Appreciate U R in HK? at the mo. UR M8 who does the 100s sounds a good place to start for me.

Im not loking for special treatment, just a go. I would hope I would not let anyone down. Appreciate it is not cheap.

Respond if U can. & when U R in UK a beer with me (cant commit Capt) and of course some emissions!!!!! (gasious
that is) would be COOOOL!!!.

Im the idiot (alledgedly) who drove from London to Snake Pass for a meet with like minded speed boys, with sense, I hasten to add.

Regards Mark

ps UR e-mail last nite never showed


Are U still interested in what Ben was saying?????

Cheers Joe, pick up that pint pot


my mate works at palmers which is not the karting thing.

Palmers motorsport experience is where he works.......expenive, but we could end up having a go in the cliocup racers!!!

if you dont want track days and arrive and drive things then i dont know what can be done.

Club100 do arrive and drive cship and tests whereyou just hop in the race kart and GO!!!!

tell me which you would prefer and ill get on the case. bad out here in tropical HK (in threory) im sipping on dark rum and i gotta get somebody to make me a flash cocktail!!

BTW, just found a place that does 6hrs dringking (beer or alcopops) for 5 quid!!! how do you make money!