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FAO decks - pics of lowered cup

The filter is loud but sounds sweet, much better than my mates K&N on his 172. Took me a while to get it as it had to come from Germany but only cost £70.00. Get it past 5K then it sounds even better.

Handling is much better. Not much harder than it was before but it has stopped the bouncing when the front wheels were spining.

very nice paul.... i was sitting there thinking to myself... i do like those cups, to start with i didnt like the idea of not having abs and all the gadgets ya get too... then i thought with the price difference of a cup and a normal 172, the better handling, speed etc.... and with the money you save you could get a quad throttle body converstion and have a 220 bhp clio cup!!!!

nice ill take a pic of my K&N under the bonnet ... i have found that the K&N has made my cup loose power! but sounds great!!

I wanna get an engine cover for it sprayed the same colour as the car! i think that will set the engine bay off!

Waranty down the tubes then! Couldnt you wait for the official Grp N R-Sport mods then? For anyone who reckons they wont ever exist how do u think the cupracers get there aftermarket parts from ? Eh....speedline, OMP, Sparco, Orbisound (a division of R-Sport) Mesa for onesa isa waitning......

As my first post states. The back looks high as it is parked on a funny angle on a steep drive. If you look at the pic of the passenger side the front looks high and back does not. it does look right when its on the flat.