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FAO Jeremy Townsend (Renault)


I noticed that youve posted a couple of times on here with regard to the Clio Cup car, specification, etc. and the PalmerSport Renault Clio 172 day.

I wondered if it possible to obtain an R-Sport Clio Cup catalogue, listing all the performance parts available for the Cup, with a view to retro-fitting these to the Mk2 172.

Also, you mentioned another Palmersport Renault day. Do you have any news/dates/costs for this as yet?

Do you have an email address we can contact you on?

Many Thanks,


If a catalogues going id certainly be interested aswell! Have been trying desperately but so far in vain to get hold of one!



Afternoon all. The parts are still being evaluated - no decision yet Im afraid. Ill let you know asap.
I put in my note about another day at Bedford but this will not be until either later in the year or early next. It will definately happen, though as youve seen getting the places filled isnt that simple ! We are also looking at other venues though Bedford is just so good !