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fao: kdf/simon 172

with reference to your comments in a previous post, i also get this knocking under wheelspin, sounds awful, but i was told in an answer to a previous post that it was some kind of torque limiting device to restrict strain on engine mounts/transmission under acceleration and is a trait rather than a fault.. im confused as simon, you said that it has been fixed on your car? dont they all do it?



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While it may be true that it is some sort of torque limiting device, I am not taking any chances. Booked in for Wednesday and I will be sure to let you all know how I get on. I will be mentioning to them Simons experience, and for them to contact his dealer if they can find the fault.

Also getting my aircon fixed which doesnt seem to put any colder air that what is outside already.

Will keep you posted.


knocking noise under acceleration....

Assuming it is the same as the one I had then;

It is not by design

It is a fault..

In my cars case, a fault that was present from day one or so the previous owner told me...

He had taken it to Renault several times whilst under warranty and they hadnt got a clue what the problem was....

Simon, as you said, took it to SMC Renault Woking and they knew about the problem and what causes / caused it....

The answer (in my case) was simple;

Loose engine mount -> allowing engine to move back and forth enough to knock the downpipe against the steering rack or something else in that area.....

Its the mount located under the battery that has come loose and starts allowing the engine to flap about.....thus causing the knocking noise....tighten it up and it stops doing it....

Now in my case, the noise returned after a while and when we took the mount off completely this time, we discovered that it was very worn inside and although being fixed at the top by a nut, there was enough rubber missing from the rubber bit to allow a fair bit of movement..

Thre guy made up a nylon insert to replace the worn rubber and hey presto.... noise has abated....

If left long enough, if the mount will fall off.... and er.... well cause problems !!!

that is a big prob and about 75% of our cars from the factory come with the loose engine mount.....just tighten.

shame renault dont readily acknowledge it as an issue

I rang 4 different dealers regarding this and none of them had a clue what i was on about


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This information is great, I will be armed with knowledge when I drop my car off.

I will keep you posted on whether they manage to fix it or not, cause it is stopping me from putting my foot down in 1st, and 2nd for that matter... sometimes 3rd and 4th aswell ;)
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yeah its a real pain in the neck and sounds awful. Glad VR6man was able to explain it to ya! hope u get it fixed mate.

cheers for the advice lads, its a pretty poor show from renault that , surely dealers should share this sort of information, or renault should make sure. im from up north (you know where they speak funny) and nowhere near woking, anyone had it done in the north west cause it sounds like a bag of spanners. my local dealer is stockport, anyone had it done there?


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Well I dropped the car off this morning (I started a new thread about it) and told the guy what I knew..

I will let you know what happens.
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try and get your garage to ring up SMC Woking and tell them to get advise from the technicians? 01483 720322 is there number. They should be able to advise your technicians id have thought, even if they have different accents. ;)


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My mate and I are gonna have a quick look at it on the w/end.

The Renault Guys advice for the knocking under wheelspin was and I quote

"Dont wheelspin it then" :cry: