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First clean pics, since the coilies were fitted!!

  Static Low
Hey everyone. The rain stopped today, so this afternoon i decided to clean the wee beast and get some pics haha :). Check them out, positive and negative comments welcome. Each to there own really. Im liking it so far. Still waiting on spacers :mad:. Thanks.








Im no photographer, but tried my best. Got some more ideas for the car in the pipeline. Thanks.


ClioSport Club Member
  911 GT3 & Audi Q8
looks good but in dyer need of spacers and maybe a sport rear bumper and cup spoiler job done!
  Static Low
haha im not sure booshyy boy, its somewhere about 85-90ish front and maximum at the back, took out some rings aswell to get it a bit lower. As for speedbumps.. just slooowwww. The splitter does scrape sometimes and ive heard the underneath of my car clatter off a few :dapprove:
  Static Low
yeah mate, aint much of a difference for me so, im looking at other options.

Thanks for the comments guys :)


  former 1.2 16v, now corsa
is that some scrubbing on the splitter andrew??? if it is your doing it right lol
  Static Low
eeeeeewww green looks minginnn boooshy boyyy.
am quite liking the kinda black/dark anthracite.

but am really gunning for white. give us a wee shop someone, pleeeeaaseee :approve:
  White Sti Hatch
Nint mate looking forward to seeing this in the flesh

you get my Vote for Black on Black...its the way forward !