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Focus RS & GTI 180 - scared


The Focus Rs 2.0 litre turbo capable of 0-60 in 6.2s and the Peugeot 206 GTI 180 2.0 capable of 0-62 in 7.1 and top speed of 143mph are coming out in the next six months.

Should make the roads a bit more interesting. I rekon the 206 should be a good match for both 16v/willy/172 the RS will be a good match for the 172 cup.

Incendently the 206 costs £14,000 and the RS £19,000.

i think the CTR will be a good competetor against the RS ... there 0-60 and 0-100 are similar... i think the handling of the RS will be its overriding factor over other hatches ....but of course it will be down to the driver in the end..... still would like to see where u get the info on the 206 .....thanks


What Id like to know is this: If Ford are releasing a 2 litre turbo monster, why are they bothering with a front wheel drive system? Surely 4 wheel drive would be something a bit special, its not like they dont have the technology, then theyd have a real contender for the Golf V6 4motion. Im sure itll be a great car and Ive read that the handling is fantastic but its just another FWD hatch like a beefed up ST170, and doesnt really get my blood rushing, yknow?
Maybe Im just a bit snobby. Theres nothing wrong with FWD, I love my valver as many of you probably guessed but It would be nice to see ford releasing something a bit mental to rival the old cossie.

I hope ive expressed myself properly and Ive made sense, Just think that although the RSll be a good car - it needs a bit more to have the potential of being a cult classic (like the Coosie, GTIR, Williams, V6 etc_

Any thoughts?

as it stands ford are set to make a bit of profit on the RS focus, where as if they were to add 4wd on it they would not... it costs the manufacturer alot of money for a 4wd they would have to sell it for a higher price, and i dont belive people would fork out 24 and 25k for it. Call it a sacrafice or whatever .... some people like the fwd system and the way it works and it sells well, ford know this ...besides it leaves room for imporvement ..regardless of what ford say now i feel that in 3 years or so youll see an 4wd cosworth focus with a bigger turbo.....

I cant remember where i read it but i seem to remember something about ford trying to go up against subaru and mitsubishi with a 2.0 4wd focus that looked a bit like Colin McReas.

of course, the price will be WELL over 20k, so im not sure if id spend that much on a focus.

ok, im in complete agreeance on the FWD vs 4WD thing. ive had hot hatches in both forms and i can definately say that 4WD is by far superior (RWD more fun tho) i mean, 200+bhp thru the front wheels? this things gonna be a tyre shredder, and only thing thatll stop that is traction control. but then again as far as the egine goes, the spec is a dream shopping list. the focus RS is a far cry from the old RS Turbos and is more comparable to a cossy (untuned). i know one things for sure, thae day that its at the showroom im gonna take one out for a test drive just to prove my theories, im sure itll be "fun" even tho i dont expect it do blow my mind.

ps im new... HELLO!

Yeah, I suppose its still a focus at the end of the day, but with that attitude you could say that a V6 is just a Clio at the end of the day, and people spend £24K on one of them... I know I would
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Stretch £3k more and get the Golf 4motion R32 with 241 bhp/236 lb/ft it should fly and looks good too. Also VW build quality is much higher than ford, renault, peugeot....

I think they cost something like £22,340? (a wild guess ) Its a Quad-cam 24 valve V6 monster being able to dash to 153 mph. Lovely suede and leather interior. Its on sale now in uk apparently (according to CAR magazine).

Bit of a heavy boat weighing in at 1477 kg tho.

yes please mummy!
Little bit of work to remove any unwanted bits (rear seats, air-con etc) a roll cage and youll be scaring ferraris!
  clio 20v

it would of cost ford too much money to develop a 4wd system for the focus

remember the escort cossie was a sierra floorpan that theyd already made,

all the reports ive read so far rave about its good fwd system, traction, handling etc

i think colin mcrea had a hand in it as well and he knows wot hes on about

id choose rs focus over golf i think though dont kno why but ive thing for the rs badge lol
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The Golf R32, Focus RS and Cup are all reviewed in Car magazine this month, with the RS going against the CTR and WRX and generally beating them.

Golf R32 = 237bhp, 0-60 = 6.4, 153mph

Focus RS = 213bhp, 0-60 = 6.6, 146mph

Focus Cosworth has been scrapped as it would cost almost £30,000 - wise move.

Still think 172 is the best value performance hatch on the market.

My insider contacts actually tell me that the Focus Cosworth platform may well be transfered to the top-of-the-pile forthcoming Capri replacement. The stories of the Focus RS and Cosworth were leaked well before either project was in full swing, such was the anticipation and hunger for news. Dont expect anything until 2005.

Incidentally, I dont know why theyre calling it a Capri replacement - surely the Probe, then Cougar were the latter day Capri. Guess retro is in!

The enthusiast money will be in the Focus RS, Clio V6 et al - the Golf GTi 180bhp and R32 Golf will appeal to those wanting a stylish and practical tourer rather than an out and out GTi. I also think that despite its capabilities, that the 172 Cup does not really bear comparison with the RS Focus. The 0-100 etc may be similar, but then like the Clio V6, the point is not 0-60 etc but power out of corners and mid range ooommmmphhhhhhh Thats where the 172, 16v, CTR, Williams, Golf etc will really lose out.