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frazjam's Ph1 172

Well that's 3 trackdays done with out an issues this month! Car is performing excellently and I'm really chuffed with it!

Selection of pics






Eagle eyed will notice the lack of Cupra splitter in the later pics...

  Cup In bits
Thats better, should get nice even furrows with that. Rather you than me with 2 jacks holding it up though.
You're all so lovely!

Well another 760 miles on the clock! Performed flawlessly.

Really pleased with how she handles but I'm hearing some light knocking over small bumps. She's due an oil change before her 4th trackday of the year next week so ill have a check over and replace what is needed!

The CL RC6s are brilliant. So much brake dust on my wheels, will get a pic tomorrow when its light. The squealing is rather annoying, but the exhaust is worse!


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
Applecross at the weekend?

Not read your whole thread but see on track, do the yokos warm up well? And is the grip alot better when they are properly hot on track?

Mine dont really seem to get that warm on the back roads, but maybe im not going fast enough :p
Ye was up at Applecross!

I dont used the AD08s on track, well i havent yet.

Ive been running AO48s even in the wet (drift y0)

You must not be driving fast enough as i had some heat in them at the weekend there, no where near as hot as they would get on track but they were warm, and it wasnt that hot weather wise so.


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
Ahright, aye it must be me, i had the fronts pretty warm once but the rears didnt get very warm so obviously the grip wasnt THAT great.

Are the 48s full on track tyres are they?
You really will struggle to get temps up on the rears on the road! Need to working them pretty hard. I wouldn't worry about temps, keep an eye on pressures though.

48s are the same as R888s just yoko version. Road legal but a semi slick. I buy em used for track only. Think I'm gona buy a new set for going to the ring after CSS. But at £500 they ain't cheap!
Well another cheeky wee update!!

Went and bought a new exhaust, the droan of the ktec was getting to much. Purchased a shiney new PMS one :D

Since I was buying another couple of bits they done me a cracking deal!





The exhaust sounds cracking, very racey but very little droan on the motorway :D

Another cheeky PMS piece


Also procured a set of 3mm spacer so thought it would be silly not to chuck them on!

Apart from that she got a good check over and an oil and filter change. Now sitting on 107k and going as strong as ever.

Booked another 2 trackdays, one tomorrow and one on Monday night! So look forward to hearing the new exhaust!

Ready :D

Well another 2 trackdays done, hasn't missed a beat.

Loving the exhaust, really will get a video soon! Managed to melt my bumper aswell, cut out was a tad close haha!

Can't say I've struggled with any fade yet on the RC6s, going to strip the brakes down this week and have check on the pads and lube up the sliders.

Still going strong now on 107k :D
Tonight was amazing! Dry all night, to many red flags though, a few offs and a couple break downs.

I preferred reverse last year, but I can't really decide tbh, as they say its 2 different tracks so I like different bits of both haha!

Thanks guys!

I got them off a mates car, no idea where they came from sorry!
Well I have no idea how I managed this but I got that little sexy fat man aka Stu (owns some sheddy boosted flower) to give my headlights a wee restoration.


One side done


Not perfect but so much better!!!

Can't complain since I'm lazy and its a track car so its better than nothing!

Cheers babe ;)