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Grill Change MK2 Ph1 (New Sport Grill)

This is me new gril collected from SMC renault in Weybridge today:approve: im well happy, lot nicer than the old well i fink anyways hope u like opinions please...... took bout 30 mins to fit with no previous experience didn't even need to remove the bumper (a couple of tricky clips to get to tho which has sliced up the back of my hand!!!) Here u Go:


During (please excuse the wobble i was excited):


After Ph2 (LOL):

Next installment will be colour coding!! YAY i got a quote today! just gotta save now thats no funn:(
  Clio 1.2 Expression
nice, they're a massive improvement!!! my black 04 1.2 expression is arriving tomorrow! i'm gonna have to get myself one of them sports grills.

i take it that it wasn't too difficult fitting it? I'm sure there was a tutorial on here somewhere anyway.
  RS Meg 175
yh tis good mate nice mod that one.

*you have a mk2ph2 though mate ;)*
mines ph1 <<<< lol (thats a 172/182 grill:D)
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
ive also put a sport grill on my clio expression recently, gives the car a much more aggressive look i feel.

might wana replace them orange indicator bulbs with some silvatechs though a much cleaner look to the headlights

see my thread for more info -

keep up the good work mate, looking good.