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Group N ecu - email from renaultsport.

  CTR EK9 turbo

I wrote to Renaultsport asking about this Group N ECU i got:

I wrote: Please send information regarding the use of the Group N ECU within the Renault Sport Clio (phase 1). What regulations are subject to this class? How is the powerband altered using this ECU?

Many thanks etc.

The reply from: "HANSEN Lionel" was:

Dear mister (Simon),
The FIA rule demand to keep the sensors of series present on the engine.
It is possible to modify the connctions of cablage as well as to change the ECU Box.
Concerning the characteristics of the modifications in to the Renault Sport ECU Box.
The series engine speed is supposed to be 7250 rpm for 1 to 3 and 7000 rpm after.
The Groupe N box is always to 7400 rpm limited 1 to 5.
Power + 8 Hp. (with the exaust system)
Torque + 1,7 Mkg.
Let me know if you need anymore information.

Lionel Hansen
Renault Sport Technologies
Direction Competition

Im going to reply and ask what exhaust system they use....

is this ecu designed to run with a group n exhaust and filter? or just the standard car, otherwise it might run a ted lean if youve got a few mods?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Well, the guy who fitted it prepares race cars - one being a clio cup car. He told me it was designed for use with the standard setup on the car, with no exhaust or filter(?) i asked him and said to him, "are you sure?" and he said "yep" ! Has anyone ever heard of this chip? Its made it quicker and revs higher, which is nice - but the engine feels like it needs an exhaust to breath better(?)

well, group n being showroom spec, i would think it whould run with the standard airbox and exhaust.