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Guide to remove upper inlet manifold

  Clio 172 CUP
Hi, i have a 172 CUP and after starting the car from warm it started making a hideous loud noise, a noise like sum1 had removed the exhaust manifold, anyway further investigation reveals that no.1 spark plug had been forced out of the head, have no idea why this has happened and hope it had just cum loose and that there maybe some threads left to replace it. Does anyone have a guide on how to remove the upper inlet manifold?, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Undo all the 10 mm bolts on the plenum front and 2 at the back. Unplug the sensors and thats about it. Kind of all explains its self as you tackle it :)
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glad you asked this question, as i want to take mine off to paint it, and was intrigued too



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  1.6Si + 182
hi im stuck with mine not a 1*2 its a k4m but where it comes onto the throttle body theres a o-ring i cant get it past and off,i dont want to pull at it to much maybe break it,
any1 any ideas?thanks.


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  1.6Si + 182
cheers but im a k4m so that guide doesnt help,i can get my air intake off the back of the throttle body but not out off the engine bay but the upper intake manifold seems solid onto the throttle body and i cant get anything else off :(