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Handbrake use, abuse and maintenance

Does anyone know how easy it is to adjust the handbrake on a MKII 172? At the minute im almost pulling it through the roof.

Also does anyone have any tips on perfecting the perfect 180? ie what speeds on an average dry road, how much slower on a wet one....

By perfect i mean i want to be facing the opposite direction on the otherside of the road, not over done and smacked my alloys into the curb and not so slow as to get stuck half way.

Its such a handy skill to have

You have to be skilled to pull of the 180….or get a vauxhall….the handbrake on those things is amazing…..anyway….best way…..get about 30-40 then turn to the left/right and when your about 90oc turned from your starting point, rip up the handbrake…and you should spin your car 180. That’s what I do and it works a treat..

Not tightened the handbrake on my clio yet, but on my old corsa it was a fairly simple job.
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i think its a bit more awkward with clios, i think you might have to remove the exhuast heat sheild to be able to make any adjustments to the handbrake.

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always try handbraking in a car park before on the road.

ive near enough mastered it although i dont do it any more cos i like my car too much.
ive got a video of me handbraking around my mate great footage, a mini and a clio doing some real stupid sh*t. when we were filming we got plenty of others willing to show there stuff, some monster burnouts and one crash
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Ahhh.... the art of handbraking - one of my favourite past times a curse of the premature wear on my hand brake cable on my old scirocco and now has become annoying (adjusting the cable) on my 172 - the dealer must get suspect! anyway, this is how i do it: you need a healthy bit of speed up first, 30-35 mph should do it (or faster if you want) and whilst going straight grab the handbrake tightly (holding the button all the time whilst you do this, and dont let go of the button or else youll do a big burn out and wont go anywhere) and yank it up (going in a straight line at this point) as soon as the wheels lock turn the steering wheel (holding it with the right hand at about 10.30 on the wheel) and as soon as the back comes out release the handbrake back down and floor the throttle (first gear - thats why its only really any good at 30 mph), but make sure you release the handbrake as soon as the back comes out and make sure the back comes out with a violent steer of the wheel.....and accelerate away.......(thats how Tiff does it! and so do(did) I!)

mate..i just tried your technique....ya f***er...hehe. really does spin it eh....far too much smoke on this hot day though... hehe...