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Hello from new 172 owner!

Hi everyone, just thought Id say hello as I just picked up my 172 last night from Motorpoint. What a car ..fantastic! I have already joined up to the club so just need to decide where to put my sticker!

only thing - my trip computer doesnt seem to work when I press the button to scroll through the screens. Anyone else had this and are Renault likely to be able to fix it quickly/easily?

Im from Nottingham by the way.


  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

which Motorpoint did you get it from BUNGY? I am waiting to pick mine up any day now from Motorpoint Burnley, they are being pretty useless in telling me when it is going to arrive, i ordered mineon the 5th Of November, just out of interest what colour is yours and when did you order it?

Many thanks this will really help me,

Gaz 2130

Hi Gaz,

Mine is silver and I got it from Motorpoint in Derby. I ordered it about 6 weeks ago and they originally said I would have it for the middle of October. The car was manufactured in Paris.

After this date had passed they didnt really give me a delivery date they just rang me on Saturday to say it had arrived and I could pick it up whenever I wanted. The salesman did say that I was lucky to have all the paperwork with the car as some cars are sitting in storage waiting for all the paperwork to arrive. I dont know if this applies to the Burnley Motorpoint though...but that could be the reason for the delay with your car....

it will be worth the wait though I promise you!


Thanks ChavyBoy, Yeah I cant stop grinning! I keep looking out my window to look at in on my driveway and Ill be straight off for a long drive once the rush hour traffic calms down....

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

the story of the paper work probably does apply to mine, at the moment they are saying that it is due to arrive any day now but they have said that about 2 times before and no joy, getting really annoyed about it now. I hopefully should get it next week sometime........

Gaz 2130
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Bungy the best bit is try to loose the back end round a wet roundabout, childish but if you go in the roundabout at a fastish speed then lift off the throttle the back end steps out nicely. Lots of fun to be had but dont try this at home cause we are professionals............. Yerrr right !! Just find a nice quite roundabout before you play !

PS I dont condone this behaviour..... Well not one dry roundabouts anyway..

I had a Puma 1.7 before and the lift off oversteer with that on wet roundabouts was pretty good fun and predictable so I have high expectations for the Clio!

Gaz - what colour are you getting?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

did you get the mats and luggage net with it bungy? and how do you know it came from Paris? is there something giving the game away in the logbook somewhere? I want to know where mine has come from.

Cheers again,

An expectant Gaz

I got both the luggage net and mats so I was really pleased. The standard mats are pretty good. I rang the salesman for an update after I had ordered it and he told me it had come off the production line in Paris and he was just waiting for it to be shipped a lot of the paperwork etc is in French!

If you ask them I dont see why they shouldnt be able to tell you where it is from..have you asked them yet?

Hi Dan, welcome to 172 ownership - youll love every minute of it!!!

Im from Notts myself mate where abouts are you?


I was at Ikea last night and a blue 172mk2 was parked right next to me when I was picking my stuff up. Id have said hello to the bloke but me and the mrs had had a lovers tiff (always happens at Ikea!) so wanted to get home asap. Anyhoo...

Welcome Bungy!!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Welcome, my 172 still puts a smile on my face and even after 3 1/2 months still look out the window at it.

Gaz2130 - Black is the only colour to get, ;)

Contact your local Renualt dealer to get your manuals in English.

Have fun.

Welcome Bungy!

LOL @ Matt! Must be something about that Ikea - whenever I go there with the wife, we always end up having a barnie!! ;)
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i asked them if it it was cypriot and it isnt, but i dont know where it is coming from, but i should imagine it is probably the same place as yours BUNGY, mine will be faster though, and come with a free blonde with twin peaks in the boot, lol. I also got my clio sport key ring today!! Just need the 172 to put on the other end of it now!

Gaz 2130

Yeah you would think they would always get them from the same place ....

oh by the way Gaz, I didnt want to tell you, but when I picked my car up the salesman actually said that mine was definitely going to be faster than yours...sorry!!


BTW - does your service manual have a page in it that has your chassis No on, car model, etc.....?

Mine didnt and I need to get it sorted out.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

did you get two keys with it as well BUNGY? its just that some people are saying that they have only been given one, and another one is probably costly from Renault.

Gaz 2130

Yes desmondo, I do have the chassis number and stuff on the first page of the service manual.

Gaz- I did get two keys with it so I was really pleased. Only need an alarm now, and for Renault to fix my trip computer (hoping it is just a fuse or something).

Off to the motorshow in a couple of hours so I catch you all later.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

what are you doing for an alarm BUNGY? motorpoint wanted £399 to fit a CAT 1, so i thought bugger that and i am going to get the proper Renault fitted one for £299 i think it is (all fitted). How are you finding the car then? I am going from a 1.2 clio to this so i am a little nervous about the power under my right foot. Should be okay though i am quite a safe driver.

Gaz 2130

Im also going to get the standard alarm from Renault - I do think its £299.

The car is excellent! if you are going up fom a 1.2 then you are going to be in for a big contrast! you will definitely have to adjust your driving style.

I find it a fantastic all round car. it can be a comfortable cruiser if you need it to be...or you can floor it and it it becomes a back road blaster!.

Gaz- have you decided whether you will run in it as per the handbook or not? I have decided to wait until the engine/oil etc have had time to warm up fully and then stretching its legsevery now and again without going over the top.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Yes i have BUNGY, im no lets thrash the tits off it person, my 172 is going to be handled with kid gloves, luckly i am working in Liverpool everyday for the next two months and will be doing atleast 550 miles a week so the run in time will be over quite quickly, but obviously because i am going from a 1.2 to a 2.0 16v i will be driving it quite conservatively to most anyway. But like you said i am probably going to follow the renault guide lines, keeping it under 3500rpm and 70mph or whatever it is, and giving it the odd dable here and there maybe just to get the systems going (if you know what i mean).

Gaz 2130

Em I wonder?

When I ordered my Cup they lost the paperwork and that was a Renault dealership, so you guys dont feel hard done by as waited 14 weeks for mine!

And I only got 1 key as they lost my other! And I upgraded from a Fiesta 1.1 pop plus to a Cup so it feels like driving a F1 car!