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Hello... newbie here!

Helllllooooo to all!!

Been lurking around the forums for the past 6 months and finally decided to pluck up the courage to join in with the banter.....might even join up to be full member later in the week.

Before coming across this forum I was after 206 GTI (for about 2 years actually.....) but now Ive finally got and saved a bit of dosh, you lot have convinced me to go for a 172 instead. :)

So 2 more days to go and Ill be the proud owner of a new 172. and I cant wait, even booked the whole day off work just to pick it up.......... the last 4 weeks have been agony waiting for it.

650 miles for runing in i hear you lot say? a few mates down in London (i live near Manchester) that I wanna show my new car to on the first day.......any excuse eh? hehehe!

quick question.....

Is the Sport badge on a 172 Mk2 stuck on or screwed on.. the reason why i ask is i wanna take the sport badge.. i know... i shouldnt do.. but i live in not so nice part of town and i dont wanna attract attention...

Welcome aboard mate!

Just remember the exits are here, here and here and that, in the event of an emergency, your seat cushion will be totally useless!


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hellllooo, congrats on your purchase.. just think of all those 206 GTis that you can toast on the roads now !!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Hello running in period is 625 miles or until you get bored waiting. Have fun and see ya around.
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hi cheeky - if ur getting it from Renault Manchester tell them I recommended them - I might get a service discount ;).

Sod the 625 mile lark, they will tell you to be carefull for 100 miles or so...then rip its spine out! You will have a 6 foot grin all week!!!

Mines at 820 miles now!!

Hi Visceral

Sorry. Wasnt from Renault Manchester.... Got crap service from them when i enquired about a trade-in for for the 172.

So I went elsewhere and got a much better deal and service :D


The sports badge is stucked on. Just use hair dryer to hit it up, and use the flat screw driver to get the badge off.

hope it helps