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Help, I’m Cold!

What is going on with pre98 clio heaters?

benworley posted the other day describing a similar problem to mine, the blowers still blow but only mildly warm air.

patrick said the other week he had a problem and his car was going into a garage to get sorted.

On that same post, clio_racer said he/she had heater issues...

Has any1 fixed thiers yet?! Ive had my heater matrix rinsed out which only very slightly improved the temp of air...
  172 sport,

as long as noone sugests putting cardbord or silver paper up the front grill you should be fine
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

mines the same, i need to get my thermostat swapped, its been in the glovebox for 3 weeks...
  Ph1 172, Mini 2.0l T

Had the same problem on my 16v. Changed the thermostat and renewed the antifreeze, problem solved. The thermostat cost less than a tenner and the job took about half an hour. Ben J thermostat is below the dissy cap on the end of the head, I think i only had to remove the battery and the air box.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Gonna have a go this weekend. Im bloody freezing to and from work on the motorway. So its fairly easy to change then? I was gonna take it to my usual garage to sort out...!

My heater only works on the first setting, a garage looked at it while doing some other work, and it worked on all settings for about a week but now its broken again any advice?

Cheers Marcus
  VW Potato

im pleased you mentioned it - 26degrees on the display, does not feel like 26degrees inside the car. Back to the garage...


Cheers for the advice every1, one more question if the thermostat was gone would i notice a difference in water temp, coz that seems to be fine....?

My Clio also only works on setting 1. It used to work on 1 and 3, but now only on 1. Help would be appreciated muchly :(
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

my water temp is always low at the moment. To top itoff the heating aint waorking in my office.....


recoil -

I would have thought thre actual blower motor might be knackered in your case, but it might be dodgy connections to the heater control panel, take your dash apart & have a look...

Mine used to work on 1 and 2, it never worked on 3 for some reason, although having used 2 I cant understand why anyone would need 3! Mines still completely *rsed up, I dont mind the cold, its just having to wipe my windscreen because the blower has packed in. Mine messed up a week after I changed the coolant and flushed the radiator and it worked fine for a while. The best I get now is some nice warm air out of the vents when Im doing the national limit, otherwise nothing comes out... help me... I cant see anything out of my windscreen! :(
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

OK guys I think I MAYBE able to help on the problem with the fan, sounds stupid but bare with me. On a metro there is a little resistor in the engine bay bolted to the bulk head. Now this resistor has a tendancy to get wet and rust and eventually fall apart. I believe this is the same on the Valver. This resistor controls the fan speed and if broken it obviosly wont work.

I dony have a clue where this is on a valver but nothing that a haynes manual cant fix.

As to the thermostat that Yogi mentioned this would have some effect if you didnt have one in the engine the heater would take ages to heat up and may never reach proper operating temp.

Now with the MK2 172 there is an extra part to the heating/climate control which is the temp sensor (buzzing thing in the roof) just above the mirror which samples the heat in the cabin and if not up to temp relays a signal back to the heater to pump in more hot air, if this is faulty then this would cause the system to not acuratly measure the air temp in the cabin.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Something along the lines of heater control variable resistor, or heater resistor maybe. On the metro it was about 3 inches long and about 1/2 in diameter.

Look on the wiring diagram in the back of the book and look on the heater circuit, the resistor should be drawn something like a spring if it has one and should have 4 wires going into it. 1 is the live feed, 2 is the slow fan setting, 3 is the medium fan setting and 4 is the fast fan setting (It was like this on the metro)

Hope this helps mate.

Cheers Chavyboy so from what every1 has said i reckon ill get a new thermostat, see if that makes a difference...

Is it as MarkLD said, Below the dizzy cap on the end of the head is it a possible DIY job?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nic, do you know anyone who has a RT round your way ? If so a little test may be see how quickly the cars heat up for a cold start. If yours takes considerably longer than the other car then it could well be someone has removed the thermostat thus taking the heater longer to get warm or even the thermostat could be wedged open and letting all the water by.

The new thermostat will help the car heater work quicker if that makes sense

But there again I could be talking complete sh1te, but I have worked on cars and this would have some bearing on the problems.
  Ph1 172, Mini 2.0l T

Nic, I described it for the 16v so it will different on your engine. It should be an easy DIY job (explained in Haynes manual) but if you do not want to do it Im sure a garage wouldnt charge too much. 1hr labour + part + antifreeze approx £50?? (wild guess) Hope you get it sorted.

I had the same problems with my valver recently (like Monday) noticed that the temp wasnt to warm a couple of days previous. I took it to Renualt which was propably a big mistake!! I would only work on the number 3 setting as well which I thought was quite weird but anyways! They changed the heater resister and wiring plug etc etc.... Seems to work pretty well now but for all this stuff and a few bulbs I had to folk a massive £115 not cheap go somewhere else!

I wont be going back, but I hope I save yyou lot some money!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Quote: Originally posted by TheBlueTurk on 27 November 2002

They changed the heater resister and wiring plug etc etc.... Seems to work pretty well now but for all this stuff and a few bulbs I had to folk a massive £115 not cheap go somewhere else!

Damn Im good, thought it might of been the resistor on Clio_racers motor.

I cant really think of anyonw near me id be able to do a test with so when I go home for christmas in a few weeks so i reckon ill DIY a new thermostat and see if it helps.

So then, its this resistor... Somebody please let me know if they find it... my windscreen keeps going all misty.

Its a right pain drving with your head out the window in this weather!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Rockport is poping over this weekend in his 16v, I will see if I can locate it and take a photo and post it up on here mate.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Hi everyone with a heater on the Clio that only works on speed 1.

The fault is with the connector and or the heater resistor pack.

The heater blower motor and resistor is located under the plastic trim below the windscreen. You can gain access to these items by opening the flap where the jack is positioned. The blower motor and resistor are difficult to reach but to make it easier you can remove the plastic trims first. The resistor is held in with 2 T20 torxs screws and 2 plastic clips which need to be held back whilst removing the resistor. The resistor has a main plug with 4 wires in and a 2 cables (black and red) that feed the motor itself. The most likely cause of the failure will be the earth (black wire) in the plug with 4 terminals. Check this first. If all terminals are in good condition, the resistor pack thermal cut out has blown. Remove the resistor pack completely and using an Ohm meter check the thermal cut out. It is located inside the cage of the resistor and is silver in colour. If you get an open circuit reading (infinity) then the resistor is definately blown. You can solder a bridge wire across this cut out and then the motor should work OK. However, this means that the circuit is no longer protected against overheating and may cause the wiring to overheat as well. Another cheap way of protecting the wiring would be to solder a 20Amp fuse across the cut out instead.

You could always buy a new resistor but the reason these items fail is due to the heater motor starting to sieze up causing overheating of the thermal cut out. If the fault persists after carrying out my improvised solution, you may have to buy a new blower as well.

Hope that helps.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Hi everyone with a heater that never gets hot.

Firstly, does your temperature gauge read at least 1/4 to 1/2 on the gauge? (if your Clio has a temp gauge)

If the temp gauge reads normal and you still get no heat, then the most likely cause is a blocked heater matrix (radiator inside the car)

If the temp gauge reads very low, then the most likely cause is the thermostat.

Another test you can try is to run the engine until the cooling fan cuts in.

Then turn on the heater to full speed. If you getwarm to hot air and then it goes cold - you definately have a blocked heater matrix.

Flushing the cooling system and thoroughly bleeding the system may help but in my experience this never cures the fault. The only long term solution will involve changing the heater matrix. this will require the removal of the whole dashboard! Not an easy task and very time consuming.

Hope that helps as well.


I had a look today and the terminals on the plug going into the resistor didnt look too healthy... that could mean some re-wiring, something I cant particularily do... Hmmm... They dont look completely knackered and I cant see anything wrong with the resistor, just looks old and a bit rusty in places. Didnt replace anything yet though. Hope it doesnt need re-wiring...


Cheers for that Bob will have a look at that on monday, sounds right as I remember the garage saying something about the connectors.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Renault do a repair kit for the heater blower/resistor plug.

If you go to your local Renault dealer and ask them for the parts listed on TN1666 they should be able to provide you with this kit.

Ask for a copy of the technical note, but they may refuse due to copyright laws, but its worth a try.!