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help please - who owns these two cars

looking for info and more pics of these cars

RE - The one with superleggeras fitted (parked on the grass)
what brand side skirts?
what size superleggeras? looks like 17s
how wide are the rims?
what springs and how much lower is it than standard? 30mm?
whats the ride quality like?
what brand grill inserts?

RE - The one photographed from a distance
What brand and model alloy wheels are they?
Size and width?
Ride quality?

Please help!
  Street Triple R

I could be completely wrong but i think the one on the left might be AJRMOTORSPORTS one?

soz if im wrong:oops:
  "Navy" N17 TWO

yeah - AJROTORSPORTs on grass and R3OBCs

Both have 17s and Koncept sideskirts

AJRs has the MS Design grill, not 100% sure on anything else

you thinking of doing a replica? lol

Ok the one on the grass is Alys (AJR) and the other one was mine (now R3OBC). Both have K-Tec Koncept skirts, both were on 60mm Pi springs (ride terrible but look V low). Both are running 7x17" Rims and mine er Robs are ACE 198s. Aly has the MS Designs Grille-V expensive from K-Tec but he got his off E-bay for about £80 bucks! Hope this helps if not PM me cos I owned one of em and I work the owner of the other one. Although Im sure theyll reply in good time!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

will get back to ya via PM asap mate.............or.................

*Koncept Side skirts from

As Col mentioned above, they are ACE 198 wheels, 7" wide

Ride quality is much better now that i have it on a full apex 60mm suspension kit......but its still harsh - just not as bad as Pi springs, and is now driveable. Hope this helps buddy.....Rob.