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help with chipping

I know its the wrong forum put i wanted a quicker response,

ive done a search about chipping but cant find much

basically its for a mate who has a 106 gti, its got a filter and cat back zorst, otherwise its standard

he went to have it unichipped and was told the fuel pressure wouldnt be enough so he has to buy a regulator

is this true cos i thought they mapped it to what was already (would it be a stage 1) there since the bloke never mentioned getting one of these when my mate told him what was done to the car.

he is alreary paying £550 for the chip and for it to be set up, the regulator is £ 100 so its going to cost £650

he has paid a deposit of £100 already

is he being stitched up

i know its not a clio but most of u lot will know the answer,

thank you


i thought it was a lot of money cos its not exacltly slow,

i might try to convince him to sell iy and buy a 172!

does any one know if he he is being had over,

its not a piggy back chip but a full one, the other thing is he wont get a graph

he asked but the bloke said "i can draw you one"

im thinking its a bit cowboy

still dont know about a fuel pressure regulator, is one of these a power boost valve?
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ok from what you said the guy does sound like a bit of a cowboy.

As for your other questions, I asked a local tuner about getting stage one for my car and he said chip, zorst, filter and fpr. Would cost me about 440 for the lot...but then again I live in Africa where this stuff is cheap compared to the UK

Hmmm as far as I know, UniChip is ONLY available as a piggyback unit, thats why it was created in the first place. Now for a genuine UniChip I got quoted about £600 including the RR setup time as well, so it wouldnt be a bad price, BUT I cant help having that little niggling feeling that somethingg isnt too right with your mates deal..... :confused:

it doesnt sound good, but it is possible that the 106 runs at the maximum duration for the injectors. with the mods, more fuel will need to go in, which either means bigger injectors or higher fuel pressure, so maybe there is some truth in it, but why would he not get a graph? is it not being set up on a RR? if not then how?

its supposed to be set up on a rolling road, which is why is costs so much apparently

he has been told that is not a piggy back one

my mate took it there yesterday and he was there ages with it, before he was told he would need the regulator

i asked my mate about the graph and he said the bloke quoted some figures, he told him hes got 118 brake at the wheels and he reckons the filter and zorst have given him an extra 12 brake !

i think its well cowboy as it will cost £650 including the fuel pressure reg

what do u lot think before he goes back to have it done on sat (as i dont want him to get ripped off)

i havent been there but it sounds dodgy!
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Why not recommend that he takes it to somewhere that we know is good, e.g. London Superchips. Hell get a proper graph (before & after), and the chip with custom map is just £300 + VAT. If he needs an uprated fuel regulator (or whatever) theyll tell him and hell know for sure that its necessary.

Yup, I agree Mike, Power Engineering/London Superchips is the place to go, I took mine down there, and Dave from London Superchips did a great job getting the power up, and PEs rollers are v.good.

I saw the power on the day rise from 173bhp upto 184bhp, now that work was done after I had had a Pipercross Viper and a K-tec exhaust fitted (So I cant see that the exhaust and viper only added 1bhp, so the original figure must have been down some)

Heres the link to the write-up afterwards.

I managed to talk my mate out of it but only when we got there,

he lost his £100 deposit and the bloke wanted payment for the "work" he had done (i dont know what) which cost an extra £50

so he has sp*nked out £150 with nothing to show,

the main reason was that the bloke "could not guarantee any adequate power gains"

i thought had get about 10 or 12 bhp as it was supposed to be mapped to the car and would allow for cams etc (i dont see how) which is what was quoted !

the bloke said he would only see 2-3 !

to top it off the bloke reversed his van when shifting this cars around and almost took out the front of my valver, it was only cos i banged it in reverse that he missed me!

the company is well known as it is bench sound in stanford le hope who have amalgamated with the engine tuner from basildon.

if people have a good word 2 say about them im sorry but they appeared 2 be cowboys!

as always thanks for your advice guys!