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Honda civics

Can anyone tell me the difference between a 1.6 ESi and a 1.6 Vti 3 door hatchback?

I am talking about the 1991-1995 model

I know one produces 125 bhp and the other 160 bhp but how is this achieved?

Also do both cars rev to over 7000rpm?

Anyone owned/driven/raced either of these?


yep vtec.. simple as that its how they set it up in the first place.. thats y a integra is a 1.8 16v running at 190 bhp!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Maybe the esi isnt a vtec? like the two CRXs There is a 1.6 16v CRX (1991) and a 1.6 16v VTEC (same year) one with 135 bhp and the other with 158 bhp.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I think the ESI maybe a V tec but its not twin cam. Not certain, but my mum used to have an Lsi and that was a 1.5 v tec 16v but not twin cam.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Im pretty sure the ESI is not a VTEC, its just a standard issue 1.6 16v.

i did 150 miles in a LSi last week, the 1.5, it is OK, but not a patch on the valver, handeling seemed OK very precise steering, but it was running on standard 13" steels, i imagin the VTi is pretty livley