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I’m up for the challenge 172 boys

Well it seems everyone is underestimating me, fair enough, people have their opinions. I would love to take any of you 172 boys on!!!!!!! bring it!!!!
I aint saying Im gonna beat you, but Im gonna sure as hell make it HARD for you to beat me!!!!! I wont have to beat you to gain the respect, I will keep up (well, as long as its not on the motorway) and show you my driving skills!!
Dont think that just cos Im 17 I aint got no experience, Cos i been driving way before that! was driving a BMW G reg 318is, wen I was 14 and learnt all my tricks in that!
so bring it on baby!!!!

Oh, here we go!

Well matey, where are you based? if youre ever in the West Midlands just call on me, and well see what youve got eh?


Oh, and what tricks did you learn then?

How to pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Cos youre gonna need that trick ;-)


Sorry cant resist it (Its obviously too late for me) but.....

"Yes, just let me know when the next big meet is, Ill come down and show you how I twine baby!!!"

I think the above has a few typos and it may have been meant to read

"Yes, just let me know when the next big meet is, Ill come down and show you how I can whine like a baby!!!"

-Roamer (Now going for some sleep)

were still overestimating, leaving you with some leeway either side!

fact it, can beat you in my 82 MK1 XR2.....
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Tell ya what well find a nice little bit of private land and then Ill show you what 11 years of driving experience does for ya ! Sorry I could take you in the misses 1.1s Metro LOL

Give me a week to bed my new tyres in and ill take 2fast4u on (well if a 1.2 16v can keep up with an evo then a scoob is nothing is it? ) and if he thinks that the older 318s can keep up (we are talking 115bhp here on a G reg, 100bhp on the 316s) i think hes in for a little shock!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Evet thought of having a frontal lobotomy ? It might help the delusional state you are in.

everthought about goin to those physics classes you clearly skipped......
do you still have a BIG FAT P on your green licence?

I dont think anyone on here is going to lower themselves into racing you mate. Driving skills? I suppose it is quite skillful being able to drive with your seat fully reclined and a baseball cap pulled way down over your eyes.

You really are a complete t**t arent you? Do us all a favour and piss of to the saxo forum. Your sort are welcomed there.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

What a t0sser this kid is!!!

You really do seem like a pillock and Im sure most people on here will agree.

Also, a 318iS BMW is also 0-60 in over 10secs muppet boy, so it aint gonna beat much in that!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

twofast, I dont see your name down for the upcoming track day?

theres a challenge
take it to the track

your even more of a muppet than i thought if u seriously thought about taking this onto the roads

book yaself into a track day with the 172 boys and see if u can even get close enough to read thier number plate. i doubt it.

and how does driving a RWD bimmer relate to taking on a FWD car in handling? gonna beat em doin donuts?

let me know what track day your gonna be at as ill get my m8 to bring his tuscan down. will give us a good view of the race

BRING IT ON BOY!!!!! u bring ure 1.4 and ill bring my turbocharged pushbike and well see who wins... *rolls up sleeves*
  190 BHP Willy 2

looking at what you are saying you are a dreamer! face it.
Been driving since you are 14 shows you are really responsible. you are probably one of them baseball hat wearing, hood ratted people of the night, whose hobby involves smashing up bus shelters and stealing cars. otherwise known as TWOCING FU#*ERS.
At 17 you know nothing about driving, i wouldnt want to race you because i wouldnt want to be responsible for you killing yourself, TRYING to keep up.
You are VERY sad.
In general everyone on here is very friendly. we occasionaly get prats like you come along who feel inadequate and feel they have to spout off. do everyone a favour and get lost.

Have to agree what a t**t...still causes some amusing retorts from us Clio SPort members, remember Slayer and all that b****cks. Then again they should all sod off, posting crap on our forum.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Once again, another wind up, and once again weve taken the bait. Its funny tho. 1.8 BMWs cant even do doughnuts! they dont have enough power to spin the wheels!!
  172 sport,

two slow to go

i have a genuine chalenge for ya i have in my garage a 3.1 stage 2 essex v6 engine group a heads and carb etc etc due to twisted chassis on the crappi (caused by the power not a ditch) it is on an engine trolley now im sure if i run it up and sit on it using only the force from the viscouse fan as propulsion im sure ill beat ya . now i say this is a genuine offer as its about as beleivable as yours so take the hint and jog on



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

I can ban him but then who else would we have to laugh at?