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I whooped the GTi

I was just reading the thread on the 1.2 16v beating the evo. Yeh on paper this would seem virtually impossible. But trust me... never under-estimate the mighty 1.2 16v!!!!

I have one of these babies, and last night I stoned the Pug 206GTi!!!
Probably because his was a standard one, but mine has a full stainless zorst, and induction!!
It was a great race tho!!

I pulled up next to the black Pug at a set of lights on the A13, and the driver who looked like he was 17(c***) was giving it, with his FINE bird in the passenger! so I thought to myself, let me try my luck with this bugger, since ive had SRIs an XR2s before.

So at the lights, I pulled off at 5500 to about 30mph, then in second he swiftly caught up with me, and in third was a cars length away, but we came to a roundabout and he had to brake hard, and I just cruised round it at 60, and accelerated hard out of it, when I hit 80 he was just exiting, I couldnt believe it!! i was a good three cars length away by now and I think he just gave up!!!

So never underestimate us 1.2 cos well ave ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
who sez the Pug GTi is fast?? u aint seen a real car then ave ya!!!

BTW my 1.2 is kitted up to look very similar to the 172, so maybe he was too afraid to push me lol!!

But I reckon the 1.2 16v can really give the GTi a run for its money! Especially mine with the induction kit!!!

Just goes to show you dont need to shell out 14k for performance!
  mk2 172

i dont mean to sound to dis-heatening mate but when one of the bigger engined twin cammed motors opens up it would leave a 1.2 for dust. thers obviously some sorta misunderstanding here. no way would a 1.2 out drag a 2.0 16v pug. its really that simple i had a 1.8 rsi before my 1.8 16v and before i drove the valver i thought my modded rsi would win, boy was i wrong, as soon as they hit the power it would rip it up. quite seriously a gti would rip a 1.2 theres no contest tbh.

sorry but its just not possible no matter what you say

its just not possible for the 1.2 to keep up at all. most likely the pug was a badged up 1.1. very easily done as the gti 206 are even more sublte than the way a 172 looks like dynamique,
2.0 litre 137 bhp and 2.0 torque there is no way even if you have a induction kit performance filter but not a magic filter. or the gti driver could not drive.

sorry to say but ive driven 1.2 clios for almost a month as a curtosy car caining the crap out of them and they is no way the could keep up with any cars youve listed.

sorry to put a downer on your car but im telling the truth


How is it not possible?

"Give a sailor a plane and watch him crash it!!"
Its not just about how fast your car is you know? You need to know how to drive it, and true maybe the GTi guy was a sh!t driver, but nevertheless, I beat him with my experience, skill and awareness!!!

Winning is not just by power and speed, it involves tactical decisions, and the level of risk you are prepared to take, and I believe I have these qualities!!
Which is why I "whooped" the GTi!

and just for your information, my 1.2 has also seen off spotted d!ckheads in their 1.4 Corsa SRis and those Essex benders in their XR2s many a times! trust me, I take my car to the limits!!!

I reckon with my mods, and my racing skills and experience I could keep up with a 172 on twisty roads, especially since I beat a GTi!!

dont forget my 1.2 16v is not standard, and so can suprise many bigger cars!! namely the "206 GTi" whooooohay!!!!!!!

plus I had 17s on, he had 16s!!!!!
Woohay! I cant stop smiling!!!!!!!!

Good on ya Jassy!!

These 172 boys think theyre too good!
But it just goes to show that you dont have to own one of them to be able to win a race!!!

Ive smoked out quite a lot of cars, that on paper, really should have seen me off with ease! notably a 106XSi, two VTRs, an SRI, and a Fiesta Zetec-S!

With regards to your post about the 206GTi, I havent yet beaten one, but I raced one a month back, it was only half a cars length ahead, but it turned off the motorway so the race was unfinished!! I too believe these cars can be beaten if you seriously know how to drive! I mean "seriously know HOW to!"

Anyway m8, keep up the good work!
Its nice to hear that its not just the

172 boys who are getting all the glory here!!!!

dont b silly now-how much power do u actually think u got with ur mods-to be honest u wont of gained anythin from the mods-most likely lost some

1.2 was designed for women to poodle round town and go shopping in-its NOT a performance car

plus with ur 17s wont of helped much, stunting ur accelaration, so in reality a 15sec 0-60 vs a gtis 8 sec u must bit optimistic thinking u could win a PROPER race

no offence to 1.2 drivers but u know and i know that ur better off going 4 looks

Surely this has got to be a wind up!

I beat a Caterham R500 in my Sinclair C5, though this is not ordinary C5, its been upgraded to 2.0KW Hotpoint Washing machine motor.

How is it a wind up!

You think that just cos a clio thats not incidently a 172 winning a race is a wind up! Well Im telling yo m8!! never underestimate the lower model Clios cos they can "STING" you!!!!

and I beat those cars fair and square!!!

Given the choice between a 1.2 Clio or 206GTI and you had to get from A to B in the quickest possible time, which car do you think you would be quicker in?

Oh and plus the 206 GTI had his girl with him, which from my own experience seriously degrades performance!!

Hee hee Im enjoying this thread

My last car was a 1.4 16v Clio. It was a really nippy little thing and I liked it so much I got a 172. There is absolutely no way on this earth that a 1.2 16v Clio will "keep up with a 172 in the twisty bits". Not a chance. No way!!! Dont get me wrong, Im not trying to knock your motor at all. As I said, I liked my last car a lot, but when it comes down to it, the difference between the two is night & day (and then some!).

If anyone with a 1.2 16v Clio in Sheffield wants a go (in a friendly way, of course) in keeping up with me in the Peak District, you are absolutely more than welcome Just say the word A few weeks back I can up behind a 1.2 16v (had an EVO magazine sticker on the boot) who was obviously out having some fun and was well up for a race and I just overtook him and left clear road. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Anyway, as I said, if anyone thinks they can prove they can keep up is 100% welcome I even have a road in mind....

  CTR EK9 turbo

I guess 106 zests can toast 172s - i was absolutely cained by one from the lights a while back, pity i hadnt engaged the clutch.


this is well funny

good end to the day posting this

1.2 and 1.4 boys we dont mean to diss your motors but come lets be real mate. if these were that fast there was no need to do the valver. do the willy or 172 if these were that quick


Maybe its like the Renault Ad with the French footie player, big chilli, small chilli with the small chilli having more Va-Va-Vooom!
  Leon Cupra

I have now owned 3 Clio’s 1.2,1.816v and now my 172 so I do know the difference between them, and from experience comparing the 1.2 to the 172 is like comparing a milk float to a Mclaren F1. Put whatever mod’s you want on the 1.2 and the 172 would still slaughter it on the twisty bits and on the open road. You lads obviously don’t know that much about Clio’s or you would not be trying to argue about this.



  Shiny red R32

Maybe it wasnt really a GTi, but had stuck the GTi badge on himself, just like someone on one of the messages here had stuck a sport badge on their 1.2 trying to imitate a 172!

FFS, is it just me or is this forum being invaded by ex VTR muppet boy owners. FFS just shut up and leave!!!!!!!!!!
  Leon Cupra

You read my mind I was just about to post the same thing, when I had my 1.2 I didn’t make up c**k and bull stories about thrashing these sort of cars because you just know your going to get laughed at. The only thing I can think of it that these lads don’t really know how much faster these cars are and think us lot are all a bunch of t***s and we are going to take in these stories. So just a word of advice BOY’S we weren’t born yesterday so don’t try it on because you will only embarrass your self’s.

Tim.(CLIO 172)

being a 1.2 16v owner i can honestly said that now way would a 1.2 16v beat a 206 GTi (no offence to you back this is my experience), okay a 1.2 16v is nippy for what it is, the best i can do is to keep up (note not beat) with bigger engine though much heavier cars such as 1.4/1.6 escort and astras, not a chance in the world will it beat anything over that!!

hehe but you 172s boys bet to watch out cause my dad just put a deposit down for a R reg honda 2.2 Vti prelude (210 bhp, 0-60 in 6.6 and 4ws), guess wholl be browwing the car

This has got to be a wind-up hasnt it?!

Like many people here, Ive moved up through the Clio family - in my case a 1.2 to a Bacarra 1.8 8v to the besasting 16v. There is no way my 1.2 or 1.8 would have kept up with my Valver (even as standard, when they were moded to hell and back). Just no way! Full stop.

The extra thought that goes into a proper sporting model like a 172, 16v, Willy, 106 GTi, 206 GTi etc really shows - and will flatter even the crappest driver.

A 106 GTi would give a 172/16v/Willy a good race - let alone anything lesser in the Renault range. Stick to scalping 1.6/1.8 Mondeos and Vectras in the 1.2s - thats just reality, as many of us know from practical experience.

Drivers do vary in skill, and mods do improve a car - but a 1.2 beating a 106 GTi is like a Williams having a Ferrari 360!! You may come close on the odd bend/when the guy fluffs up, but overall - never!!!!!


  Shiny red R32

Precisely Ben. My friend has a very fast 106GTi (modded somewhat and pictured on this forum) and a 172 can keep up with it!

You know what!!

You 172 boys are real smug gits!!

Im ready to take on any 172 cos I have the confidence to take the risks you are not prepared to take! and believe I can keep up, on the bendy bits!!!!

Im not a bullsh!tter, I can prove that I can keep up with a GTi and an XR2! and those of you with the mouth! I am prepared to show you how!!

Just dont get me confused with those lying tossing Saxo drivers! I never said I BEAT the GTi, I sed I could keep up with it, and SRIs arent that much faster than my Clio so its not that suprising if I beat one!!!

So why dont you twatish 172 boyz stop looking down on us cos one day Ill get the V6 and rinse yer ar$e back to yesterday!!!!!

The 1.4 is faster than you think!
and those with the Valver (shut up) cos they look sh!t, only the new shape clios look nice, so dont give me the "all that all this" cos my car looks nicer than yours. FACT!!!!

The Dynamique is the bomb, so dont push it!!!!!!
  Leon Cupra

Raced a Lockheed Blackbird Spy Plane tonight, caned it was no match for my mighty 172. He had the advantage up to the sound barrier but when we hit mach 2 I few past him. Those afterburners don’t really push out that much power compared to my 2.0 16v VVT. Slow c***. Im sure you 1.2 boys could have a go with Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Just to let you know, I can do 0-60 in about 9.2 seconds with my mods and reach top speed of 122mph!! the GTi does it in 8.5 seconds and top speed of 130mph, so not much in it dont you think!!!

I think you have forgotten that my car is modded, and the GTi I "KEPT" up with was standard!!!!!!!

The Corsa SRi does it in 10.5seconds and the XR2 only has top speed of 110mph!!

Ok mate lets get this into persepective here. The standard 1.2 16V does 0-60 in 13.0s, so what yer telling me is your limited mods have knocked almost 4 s off that time? Dont think so! Youve been out with the stop watch again havent you! 122MPH, ok, well say 10% out at least, thats 109.8, yer doing well there, the standard is 106!
  Leon Cupra

Ok then lets take it to the track or drag strip if you want, where the boys are sorted from the men the true test of a car. You think you can put up a better time than me, OK lets got ill race you for logbooks. Just to let you know, I can do 0-60 in 6.8 and reach a top speed of 145MPH fancy a go come on I dare ya.