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  Mk2 TT
I've had my Pipercross oiling kit sitting on the side for a month - will make sure I use it this weekend! I wasn't aware of the need to do it so often!
What about things like non-foam filters, like K&N cones etc? I know they said to oil it, but i'm fairly sure it wasn't until you'd covered thousands of miles - that said, i took a quick peek and mine's filthy!
  Titanium Clio 182
What's best product to use in the k Tec induction kit? Do ktec do there own? So is it just a case of oiling foam outside like maybe spray? Thanks.
Well I'm glad I have a paper filter now, albeit a bit tatty but I know my TB doesn't look anything like the 2 in this thread.
  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
Im running a stock filter in my PH1 airbox.. Couldnt be arsed with spending £30 odd on a filter then having to oil it all the time.. I wont notice a difference fitting a fancy one..
can you see why i recommend sticking with standard paper elements? because it FILTERS, amazing!
Ive tried many many setups… and guess what, the paper filter won :star:

Engine seemed less torque-y with the foam ones , the tad little resistance of the paper one felt better on the throttle response (must not forget to mention that it's a V6 box)

and oh yeah; they FILTER better


ClioSport Club Member
I want to replace the filter all together on the end of my kit... What size brand is best? The mesh inside the Ktec one is awful!
  AB182, Audi A5 3.0
I want to replace the filter all together on the end of my kit... What size brand is best? The mesh inside the Ktec one is awful!
the mesh inside most foam filters is minimal and flimsy, but it does the job. I have use the RAMAIR filter with the 70mm opening on my 182, and a recent RR result had shown a +10bhp increase over the stock filter :) Also according to RAMAIR, the filter is pre-impregnated with the oil in between the 2 layers so doesn't need oiling until you clean it, not sure how true of a statement that is, but so far my TB looks nice and clean.


ClioSport Club Member
Brought a 70mm pipercross cone filter and it was the exact same size as the hose so wouldn't fit! The Ktec filter is 60mm just for reference
Most companies don't pre oil any more as the oil interferes with VAG air flow sensors - RamAir said it would be fine running without oil but those pictures obviously show otherwise
I've washed the cone and pipe but I've put my standard box back in for now with a foam filter.
My Ktec thing had done about 5000 miles and didn't look half as dirty as some of these though. :S

Actually nice to have a quieter machine for now tbh. I'll put the cone back on for trolling when the nicer weather comes back.
  Arctic 182


Just taken mine off for its second clean. Not sure if the residue is from before it was oiled for.the 1st time.

Going to get it power tested over next few months. Be interested to see if ive lost any power. Cant believe they dont tell you to oil these!