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Inferno 182 - Frodsham heading for sutton weaver/runcorn

  Monaco Blue Mk2
Tonight around 6pm saw an Inferno heading out of Frodsham and towards the swing bridge in sutton weaver/runcorn. Anyone?
  Monaco Blue Mk2
^lol, I wish mate! Mines a 1.4 172 look-a-like...for insurance purposes :dapprove:

It's also a bit broke at the min! so I was in my dads 5 series, dark blue EFC reg, you were going over that little bridge just after the watersports shop and those new flats. On way home from work?...White shirt and tie. Car looked ace. Seen loads of RS's the last couple of days.
  Orange 182
Yeah was on my way home... I work in Helsby.

You around Frodsham much then in the 5 series cos I'll keep a look out for u?

hope you get the clio sorted soon mate, that the one with EFC sticker in back window?
  Monaco Blue Mk2
The 5 series is always about in Frodsham. I'm there in the clio most weekends and some other times aswel. I'm fixing mine tomorrow...front strut bolts. Both cars have frosted glass decals of the Everton crest in the rear window. If you have seen my car more than a couple of weeks ago it looks a fair bit different now. You should come to the mini meet on Sunday (Local Meetings section)