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Ive added the 182 to my owners quote database this morning.

If you own a 182, please submit the details of your current insurance quote.
Just your "current" (best) quote please, one per owner is fine thank you... :D

The classic 16v and 172 are both already featured in the database.

Thanks for looking.
Obviously the more owners quotes the database has the better resource it is for helping others find a better deal at renewal.
  Golf Mk6 Oil Burner

added mine mate.

only thing is you need to be able to sort those tables by the columns. if you look at the honda type r listing its quite hard to use.

i know there are filters but what if i want to look at say all the people who have been driving for approx 10 years like me OR order by points.

i thought about knocking something like this up a while ago but no time really. good site mate and i think it will be really useful for a lot of people!

cheers, hopefully a few more owners on here will add their quotes too.

it may not stop people ringing round, but itll give the list of best insurers to start with...
(provided people only submit the "best" quote that they actually purchased)

Ive added a couple of extra options to the "sort" filter, hope that helps.